Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Roller Derby {Take 2!}

You may remember that I joined some friends at the Roller Derby a couple of months ago. This time we decided to go as a family. 
Thanks to a friend helping us win tickets, we even got to go for free!! Thanks, Kris!! 

Matt got a BOGO buffet coupon for his birthday from Golden Corral so we went there! 



Y'all, this boy!!! 

Daddy and Mason. 

We had the yummiest dinner and then headed to walk around a few stores before heading to Roller Derby. 
Ready for action! 

Mason took a few pictures while they were warming up. 

Ear muffs because it was a little loud. :) 

Dancing it out! 

Mason had fun with a couple of little boys while we waited for them to start. 

We had such a fun time! 


Until Mason threw up...thankfully our folding chair caught all of it. We cleaned him up, threw the chair away and headed home. 
He fell asleep on the way...

Maddox did, too! 

Side by them. 

We hoped that the throwing up from Mason was a fluke but he woke up a couple of hours later vomiting again...He and I spent the night on the couch. I love snuggling him but BLAH! 

The Roller Derby was fun. We were sad to leave at halftime but obviously, we had reason to! Matt enjoyed his first time watching and we decided maybe we'd try to go again just us or even just Matt. :) 

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