Friday, April 14, 2017

Hop Into Croft {April 8th 2017}

This past Saturday, Matt and I took the boys to Croft State Park for their Hop Into Croft and it was such a fun little event! 

We got there early so we got to watch them hiding some of the eggs and got to see the Easter Bunny, too. 


The age group for Mason found their eggs in the horse arena. They hid the eggs in the grass and near the fencing as well as in holes in the dirt, I assume left from horses. It was so cute watching the kids run around looking and at the same time literally running right over and past hidden eggs. :)

Maddox took a turn, too!

Mmm...chocolate teeth!

The Friends of Croft Facebook page had a few pictures and we saved those, too. 

We are loving Croft State Park more and more each time we go. 
Thank you, Croft for such a great event! 

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