Friday, April 28, 2017


Well, the Morgans bought a car!! We have been saving for nearly 4 years and we are super grateful that we paid CASH for this car. We had originally thought we might want a van but we couldn't find anything in our budget (or even close) that was as new as we'd like. 

We finally decided to find a car that was a good size, as new as possible and would fit 3 car seats across should we decide to have another Morgan baby. We found that in this car. 

It's a 2016 Chevrolet Impala with 4,000 miles on it! Super excited! 

We drove to the dealership Saturday for one last cruise in Betty B. the Buick! 


While Matt signed the paperwork, Maddox and Mason ate. haha! 

So pretty! 

And as we Morgans are prone to do, we celebrates with ice cream! 

And Mason decided to try out the trunk. IT IS HUGE!!! 

Perfect bed, he decided! 

We are so thrilled and grateful to God for helping us make a good decision! 

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