Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 16}

This last week held some big events including Maddox's first haircut and a purchase of a new car! Separate posts about both of those are coming. In the meantime, here's the rest of the week. :) 

Maddox is very into the kitchen cabinets so it was time to pull out the trusty basket of plastic kitchen items for him to play with. He had a blast and has played with them often already. 

Brothers playing together...I've said it before and I know I'll say it again, it's just one of the best things ever. 

We've had some rainy weather recently and one morning, Mason got on the trampoline in the living room and we played a couple of games. Lots of energy expelled and lots of fun had! 

Waiting at speech is even more fun now that Maddox is so mobile and standing. Fun times! 

After Maddox's haircut, Matt took the boys to the library while I headed to work. Mason made some new friends. I'm so proud of how much he's growing up and what a sweet boy he is! 



Wednesday was definitely a puzzle day! I had Mason run into the kitchen where I put pieces and run them back to the puzzle. Meanwhile, Maddox ate them! 


We also went to test drive a car that afternoon. What a fun and unexpected treat! More info on that coming soon. 

Thursday morning I got the boys to the table and made Jiffy cornbread of our favorites! 

And we went to the bank and all survived. NO CRYING! Yay for suckers and bottles. :) 

Matt also discovered Maddox was getting another tooth! This makes number 7!

Daddy and Mason snuggles...always a good idea! 

After Thursday dinner while I was at work, Matt took the boys to Hatcher. Mason had a BLAST and enjoyed the water so much. 

I had a CEU class all day on Friday so Matt and the boys had some extensive guy times. Mason enjoyed pure relaxation! 

He took them to lunch at Jin Jin Chinese buffet. This was a special treat because we are on an eating out/spending freeze except for Daddy and son dates so they were all in hog heaven! 

Once I got home, we were pretty darn happy about that. Morgan family sandwich! 

Once Maddox when to bed, we had a movie night with Mason. We watched Bee Movie and had snacks. So fun! 

Saturday morning, WE BOUGHT A CAR! Again, more on that to come. 
After that, we came home and enjoyed some incredible time outside. We set up a swing that had been gifted to Maddox and he was loving that! He also wore shoes for the first time. Sweet boy! 

Love this guy! 

Matt pulled out his old kite and we had just enough breeze to fly it for a while. 


We had Grandmom and Granddad over for dinner and ate outside and then took a walk at Hatcher Garden after dinner. 

Thanks to daylight hanging around longer, we got to have such a good visit. 
Maddox even showed off some of his standing skills. :) 


Such a fun and full week! 

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