Friday, April 7, 2017

Mason Says & Does {17}

Oh Man, this boy of ours has been saying and doing some fun stuff this last month! Fasten your seatbelts! 

I cleared out the floor of the boys' closet so they could play. Mason said, "It's cool in here. Look Maddox. It's cool in here." It's truly the little things...

Mason said, "We saw two tow trucks and two mail trucks. Then said, "NO WAY!" 

"I want to snuggle with you all night." -when avoiding nap time :) 

One day while we were playing, Mason fixed my hair, gave me new eyeballs, cleaned my teeth because he's a dentist. 

The landlord came by to say a termite inspector would be by for his typical visit.
Later on Mason tells me his bottom hurts. I asked if he would like me to look to see if something was wrong. "yes! To make sure I not have termites."

We had enough change to get three of one toy at CiCi's while GiGi was visiting and he got them and said, "one for you. one for Gigi. one for me."

After his first haircut in a long time, we left from the salon "Mom, I miss Miss Kari."

We were in the car and the sun was in Maddox's eyes. Without prompting, Mason reaches over and shields his eyes. 

After our little March snow..."Dad, I'm cold. I need some hot chocolate." 

Hears a baby crying in Cici's, "That baby not happy!" 

We were driving to the library, and Mason said, "We are lost! Get a map!" 

Instead of Ice Ice Baby, "Rice Rice Baby!" 

We went to  Sugar and Spice for dinner with GiGi and Mason ran up to the counter and said, "I'd like a cheeseburger please!" 

We have been working hard to teach Mason about things in our house being "ours" and not all his. My mom said told Mason that it was time for his bath. And he said, "No, GiGi, that's our bath tub." :) 

He heard Shake it off on the radio and said, "it's shake it off!!" and danced like crazy.

We dropped GiGi off at her house and within seconds, "I miss her."

Pronouncing yahoo as "yay-hoo".

While driving 12 hours home from Louisiana, "Dad are we in SC yet?" Not yet buddy, almost. "I wanna be there NOW!"

I'm on the bed feeding Maddox and Mason went into the living room. He yells back to me " I have a problem!" I tell him I can't come and a few minutes later he comes back into the room. "I have a problem. I fix my problem." I ask him what his problem was. He says, "I don't know!" :)

Mason was packing up things and he said, "I ready to go on our trip. In our car. I have ball, blanket, ball, beads. I ready. I pack everything I need!"

Mason said he wanted to see Anna and I told him we couldn't because her sister was sick. He said, "I want Emily to go to doctor." I asked what he thought the doctor would say. "He say Emily have a pold (cold)."

Mason got out a rocking toy that Kris and Anna sent for Maddox to borrow. I told him to be careful because he could fall off. He said, "I be careful (if) I fall off and I go lay on couch!" haha! 

We pulled up to playgroup and a mom was outside with her son. Mason said, "Yook! Baby! Is that his momma?" I said it was. "She's old like you!" It has begun...

"Its hard to wait, Mom." Yep, buddy, it sure is!

While helping Matt in the kitchen:
Mason: "Dad you need a little help because you still feel a little bad."
"Anything else you need help with?"
Matt: "No buddy."
Mason: "Okay, call me if you need me."

That's a wrap! Love this big boy of ours and I'm looking forward to writing down things both boys say soon!  

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  1. What a sweet boy! I love his little heart! Well. Except for the "old" comment. LOL!!!! Heaven help us on what he'd say to me!