Saturday, April 8, 2017

Itty Bitty Basketball {Mason}

These past six weeks, Mason participated in Itty Bitty Basketball at the local community center, CC Woodson. He knew very little about basketball before this and he has grown so much. They worked on dribbling, drills, shooting and passing/catching. 

It took him time to warm up each time and he is definitely still learning about staying in lines, etc., but by the end of the six weeks, he had learned so much and warmed up very easily by the last session. 

He got a certificate and a medal at the end. 

And a new t-shirt, too! 

Here are a few videos of him from the last day. There is also a video of him getting a basketball from us once he got home. On the way home he told Matt, "We don't have a big basketball at home, Dad." Little did he know that we had one for him waiting. :) 

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