Thursday, April 13, 2017

Maddox {Month 10}

What's up, 10 months!?! 

We don't go back to the doctor until 1 year so I'm not really sure on height, weight and head circumference. But he's growing nicely that's for sure! 

see above

Head Size: 
see above

Brother, Ma-Mix, Bud, Love Bug, Brother Brother, Tootie, Little Bit, Smiley, The Professor, Mr. Serious, Bit Bit

Maddox still took 4 bottles this month every 4 hours during the day but he has slowly dropped the amount in one of the bottles. We will cut that one during the coming month.

Lots and lots of new foods were consumed this month. Aside from the occasional pouch when we are on the go, he is mostly eating regular foods. Foods he loves: yogurt, all veggies, homemade yogurt bites, oatmeal, and anything his brother gives him!

Evening nap completely gone this month and he's napping two hours twice a day (9-11 and 1-3) and still sleeping well at night. He goes down between 7:00-7:30 and sometimes he wakes up between 6:30 and 7:15 depending on the day.

Size 5 Target diapers continue to work well and thankfully we haven't had any diaper rash issues lately. YAHOO!

This kid grows out of something weekly. He is wearing just a couple of 12 month items but most everything is 18 months and even 18-24 months. Shorts fit in the waist but they are Capri length. haha!

-he LOVES waving to people in public places
-saying bye, usually long after the person walks away...haha!
-a little bit of stranger danger going on this month
-tons of vocalizations when he's "talking" to people

New/fun things from this month: 
--more teeth moving in SLOWLY
--lifts up his knees and crawls on hands and feet over the AC floor grate and on the grass
--trying to snap
--loves the rhythm sticks at story time
--pushing cars all over the house
--SOOOO close to standing alone but just can't decide if he actually wants to...haha!
--drinking more and more from a sippy cup and then from a straw!
--crawling SUPER fast across the floor and getting rug burn because of it!

What he's saying: 
--buh-buh (brother)
--something that sounds like "yum" a couple of times

--bath time!!
--being around other kids
--crawling all over FAST and touching everything
--chewing on EVERYTHING!
--being outside but not touching the grass

--when I won't hold him
--when it's time to eat and food has.not.come.yet
--when his brother is in his face!
--when we first lay him down in the bed, that ends very quickly!

Momma and Daddy:
This little boy has become a little bit clingy this month. He needs mom and dad a little bit more this month. It's cute but also seems poorly timed with dinner, etc. haha! He LOVES dancing with us and being bounced etc.

Gah, these boys are becoming closer every day. There are certainly issues that arise but they are starting to play more together, follow each other around and just have fun. I love it so much.

Comparison Pictures:

One Month:

Two Months: 

Three Months: 

Four Months:

Five Months:  

Six Months: 

Seven Months: 

Eight Months: 

Nine Months: 

Ten Months: 

Brother Comparison Pictures 

Same outfit this month. SO much love.



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