Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hatcher Garden {Late March 2017}

Last week we had a long overdue playdate with our buds! It was a beautiful morning and we spent about an hour and a half at Hatcher Garden. 

The kids gathered "prickly balls" and tossed them into the water. 

Maddox ate a snack and of course got it everywhere because I had NO wipes! :)


See? So beautiful!

Maddox got a little loving from Mrs. Kris.

The kiddos got to see some turtles sitting on a log...they were cute. :)

We threw sticks and leaves and anything that would move into every pond and waterfall we passed.

And then we took a few pictures before we walked back to our house.


When we were almost back to the house, Anna tripped and at the same time Mason's accidentally bumped her with his bucket. She got a boo-boo and was upset so Mason gave her a flower...and a band-aid. :)

After we got Maddox down for a nap, the big kids played a little bit more and in between all of that, Kris and I even got to visit! WIN! 

It was a good morning! 

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