Saturday, June 23, 2018

Maddox is TWO!! {June 6th, 2018}

We have a 2 year old!! Maddox celebrated his big birthday on June 6th!! Here's a quick update on this sweet boy!

34 inches 

29 pounds, 15 ounces

Head Size: 
19.75 inches

Mad, Mad Mad, Max (when Mason says his name fast!), Dude Dude, Stinker Stink, Little Bit, Bit Bit, Brother

Pretty much anything and everything. He can be picky at some meals but we just keep on giving those things anyway. He especially loves fruits, beans, yogurt and of course, anything sweet. :)

Night time sleep is 7:00-7:00 most days and naps are 2-3 hours.

Size 6 and VERY interested in potty training. I'm putting it off but I don't think it will be too long.

Maddox is wearing 2T and 3T depending on the clothing .

Maddox loves waving at people especially in grocery store.
He loves other kids but still mostly prefers to parallel play when it's not someone he is super familiar with.
LOTS of words coming out of this boys mouth and he's talking all of the time!
He LOVES our neighbors especially.

What he's saying: 
So many. Check out our Maddox Says & Does posts to read about them. 

--outside time
--water play
--snack time
--reading magazines in the car
--his thumb while sleeping
--momma the most 😉
--Hoop, see above and below. 

--being told what to do😏
--pretty much anything on TV or movies unless food is involved
--when he can't play outside
More and more good play between the brothers. That fierce protection is there but the fighting is there as well. 

Comparison Pictures:

Six Months: 

12 Months: 

2 years old:

Brother Comparison Pictures 
2 years old



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