Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Morgans On the Farm! {June 2018}

We arrived at our friends' farm Saturday evening just before bedtime. We did our chores and headed to bed. Sunday was a low-key day. During rest time, I walked out to see this. Mason had covered the dog and was playing music for him. :) 

We got the baby chicks out for a bit and the boys played with them. 



Each evening, we did chores together and the boys especially loved it when Daddy was there, too! 

Silly horse...

Just some of the wildlife we saw. :) 

Monday morning, we were up early and headed to speech. 

While I waited on Mason, Matt took Maddox to Wal-Mart. haha! 

We spent the day in town including the park and naps at home. 

Oh! and lunch at Sugar and Spice for a continuation of birthday week. Maddox was obviously into the picture. 

Check out that onion ring bracelet! 

Time for pie! 

Playtime on the farm. These boys love playing with all of the toys they don't have at home! 

Early morning with this cutie! Check that hair! 

Silly silly boy! 

Checking on the chickens. 

Getting the horse feed ready. 

Prepping the water. Also known as making a mess. 

Lots and lots of playtime. 




Mason wanted to get Maddox carrot cake for his birthday and Matt found these mug cakes so we made them one night. YUM! 

We went to the Pacolet library and then to the park before heading back to make dinner and eat outside! 

Matt worked in the garden a bit and I spied a deer! 

One morning, Maddox fell into the water bucket. Surprised it took as long as it did. haha! 

That evening, Matt mowed and Mason helped! 


We loved watching them. 


Best helpers around! 



He said, "Hello, I'm Jesus." 😂

Love them seeing them together. 

Uh-oh! Well, I did tell him not to sent there. 😉

"T!"  Kinda shocked me. :) 

A poop-shooting gun. #boys


Brothers, much? 

Found these shoes and ran around saying "ANNA!" Loves that girl 

Trying out his scooter! 

Helping Daddy? Probably not. 😉


Ice cream sandwiches on the porch. I look SO pale here! It was sunscreen. haha! 

Another fun and hard-working week on the farm!! 

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