Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018: Week 22

Memorial Day was Matt's last day off and we enjoyed it to the fullest! We had a Despicable Me movie marathon, enjoyed popcorn, pumpkin pie and a delicious lunch and just hung out! 
Maddox insisted Matt play the keyboard with his toes! 

Then, Maddox took a turn.

Love this snuggle bug. He wore his Minions pjs for the big marathon!

"Mom, hold my hand please."

This is not a microphone, it's ice cream. 😂

Sweet brothers.

Good ole chill time...

Pure silliness! 

Off for a good day! 

Library time! This boy is SILLY! 

When Matt took Mason to LEGOs at the library, he made this tower and it was on display. Of course, I took a picture! 

Picnic and a movie. 

Daddy wanted hot tea so everyone needed hot tea! 

I don't remember why he was crying but I sure enjoyed those snuggles. 

One evening, I went to Panera for dinner alone. I had a free drink so I brought my book along and read for a bit. 

We finished our devotional book that Aunt Anne and Uncle Ben sent Mason for Christmas! 

One morning, we painted. Paint was everywhere. :) 

The masterpieces. 

We made a zoo with blocks and cars to make the cages for the animals. 

Who are these cool kids in their sunglasses!?! 

We enjoyed a morning trip to the park and dug for earthworms after all of the rain we have had! 





After the park, all little boys needed a stripping down. haha! 

Headed in to summer reading sign up! 


Matt took Mason to another event at the library. They watched the LEGO movie and built with LEGOS while watching! 

Apparently that wore him out and he needed to "sleep" on the way home. 😂

Someone stole Daddy's water! 

Maddox and I read a book together and he was using my finger to point to the pictures and name them. :) 

We enjoyed a trip to the Airport Park and the splash pad! 









That evening while I worked, Matt took the boys to Krispy Kreme for National Donut Day. You KNOW we didn't miss that! 


Good ole bedtime snuggles. Love these three! 

Saturday morning, we went to Kid's workshop and built a classic car! 


Maddox and I took selfies after he was done with the actual work. :) 

Meanwhile, two others hard at work! 

When we got home, the mail had come and Maddox had gotten two birthday cards! 






Shortly after the last pictures, we headed to the farm! More to come about that soon! 

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  1. beautiful moments captured!

    It's nice to meet you! I found your blog through clouded glass's blog! <3