Friday, June 8, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018: Week 21

Only a bit of week 21 was left once we returned from our road trip vacation. That Saturday morning, I headed to Anna's dance recital and Matt and the boys went to Toys R Us and the library. It was LEGO day at the library so they had a blast! 




My dad sent pictures his garden. The boys helped plant these so they were excited to see them growing! Too bad we aren't there to enjoy some of those tomatoes! 

That afternoon, I got some goooood snuggles with this one! Definitely the best part of my day! 

That evening just before the boys' bedtime, Matt went to the movies. So the boys and I enjoyed some story time together! 

Sunday morning, my guys were looking sharp for church. Not everyone is looking for the picture but as you know, that's part for the course! 

Two handsome guys dressed for summer! 

After church we headed to Airport Park. We thought the splash pad had opened Friday but it didn't open until the next day, Memorial Day, so we just ended up playing at the park instead. 


That afternoon, we all rested/napped and then the boys washed the cars! 

Matt and I had a "we survived vacation" at home date night with take-out Chinese! 

Back to real life was just ahead! 

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