Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Morgan Family Road Trip 2018: Day 6

Tuesday was a day for complete hang time! Maddox woke up early so he needed a morning nap! 

Meanwhile, we enjoyed tons of outside porch time. 

When we rain came, we didn't let it get us down! 


When Maddox headed to rest, Matt read to Mason. 😍

This bike was the best attraction at Mom-Moms. 😂

Tuesday was the only day that Mason napped and it was a great day for a nap! 

That afternoon, Uncle David and Aunt Darlann came over for a visit and dinner. We had the greatest visit with them! 



Mom-Mom made a lemon pie and when we put cool-whip on it, she squirted the remainder in the boys' mouth!! 

Uncle David is a jokester and the boys had a blast with him! 

Lots of these pictures are dark but it's the best visual representation that I have to remember all of the laughs we had that night! 



We were all sad to say good-bye! 



After company was gone, Mason helped Mom-Mom get the trash can to the road for the next morning. I cannot get over what a HUGE helper he is! He also helped Mom-Mom hose off her porch one every. 

Tuesday was our last full day/night at Mom-Mom's so there were BIG hugs and kisses given! 

We had originally planned to stay until Thursday morning but we had a bit of wiggle room in our budget and Mom-Mom suggested Gettysburg so we made that happen! 

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