Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mason Says & Does {30}

"I want to go to the gas station, Wawa, because it rhymes with chihuahua." 😂😂😂

When he asked someone to go outside, they asked what was outside. His response: "The whole world is outside!!"

While we were driving through Gettysburg, we were explaining some of the Civil War to Mason. He said, That was good to give those people their freedom." 😭😭😭

Instead of break me off a piece of that kit Kat, he said "Spit me a Kit Kat" 😂

Each time we saw a cannon, he called them "shooters".

He told Matt that he was a "hoo-man". 😂

"Mom, I just saw a little bitty giraffe on tv. It was so cute. It wasn't even a teenager." 😂

Matt was enjoying some quiet and Mason came racing into the room with a small lego and whispering "lego emergency."

Captain in America for Captain America 😍

Mason named two of his friends' chicks: Chickee and Excitedee

Mason received some change from our neighbors. Later on, he said, " I wasn't expecting that!"

I made a random dinner one night and Mason said, "A little yummy but not bad. I mean a little bad but still yummy." 😂

The boys sent a video to GiGi that said they loved her. She said she loved them more. Mason said, "Nope, we love her more than that!"

"I opened my window all the way like a boss!" 😂

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