Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Morgan Family Road Trip 2018: Day 9

We were up pretty early on Friday morning. Well, everyone but Matt!! 

We had a great hotel breakfast and then Matt took Mason swimming while Maddox and I hung in the hotel room spinning in the chair, watching TV and packing. 

He even insisted I have a turn! 

Around 9, we packed up the car and headed for HOME! 

Duh, nap! 

We cross into NC and saw the view of these beautiful flowers! 


When we got into Charlotte, we made a stop at Concord Mills at the LEGO store! Mason got his first set of legos! 




He was so excited and has already had a blast with them! 
About 30 minutes from home, we made one last donut stop at Sunny's our Upstate SC favorite! 

It was time for dinner by the time we got into town so we stopped for Cookout! Roadtrips with this guy are my favorite! 

We got home and declared the trip a success! 
We forgot to reset the trip meter until 115 miles in so we drove over 1500 miles this trip!

Until next time! 

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