Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 4}

Sunday brought a little guy (and maybe his big brother?) with a yucky nose so we watched church online. That was a new experience because Mason really watched with us and sang along and it was such a sweet time. A couple of errands were run and then Matt told me to go take some time out to myself so I did just that! We had a quick family dance party before bed and throughout the day, I started cleaning out things we no longer need/want/use. SO refreshing! 

Monday was a hard day but also a good one. Matt went back to work after being off with us for 10 days! We were sad to see him go for sure. It was a bit dreary but we enjoyed a new routine. I'm learning more and more that Mason responds so much better to life in general when he knows the plan for each day. So, I made a loose schedule/routine for our days when Matt is working and Monday was our first day with it. 
It incorporates more reading time which we are both enjoying! 

We did some school activities and Mason wanted to work on tracing letters! Look how awesome "four" looks! 

Maddox continued with his snotty nose but was happy all day anyway! 

Picture proof of that! 

Mason enjoyed some time with his Paw Patrol toys that we are borrowing from a friend. I love seeing his imagination come alive with these toys! 

Monday night Matt and I made (mostly Matt) this track for Mason to wake up to on Tuesday morning. 

As you can see, the first thing he did on Tuesday was run to the train track. He played with it most of the morning before speech. 

A friend stopped by to pick up a few DVDs from our stack that we are clearing out. It's been so nice and refreshing to clear out things. I've given much away and sold some things as well. 
Since our friends didn't get to see Maddox because he was asleep, I sent them this picture. :) 

It was a BEAUTIFUL(!!!) day so we walked to speech. It was our original plan to walk each Tuesday but this is the first Tuesday in nearly 2 months that it wasn't raining or extremely cold! 

Mason loves seeing all of the kiddos in school and waving to them. Miss Allie said he had to have a break from speech to run around the gym because he couldn't sit still. This didn't surprise me at all because between stomach bugs and colds, we had been out very little for more than a week. He had to let some energy out! 

Sweet boy in the stroller...we walked while Mason was in speech. 

He was NOT interested in a pic with me. 

I worked Tuesday afternoon so it was business as usual the rest of the day. 

Wednesday morning brought a good laugh for Mason and I as Maddox flicked the nipple on the bottle and got milk everywhere. hah! 

While I finished feeding Maddox, Mason said "I sit you. You talk to me Ma?" Of course, I did! 

We also read this book. It was a full circle moment for me. This book was one I was introduced to nearly 11 years ago during my undergraduate speech clinic. I loved it then and I read it to Mason for the first time Wednesday. He loved it, too! 

At lunch, I dropped a container of Maddox's food and it landed face up on the floor. But not before it splattered food nearly 10 feet from where it dropped. It was insane!! 

Mason enjoyed a little playtime outside and Maddox and I sat on the back steps watching him play. 

Wednesday afternoon we couldn't go to story time as a family because of Maddox's snottiness. We gave Mason the option of playing at home, outside or going to story time. He chose inside play with Dad and Maddox. SOOOO sweet! 

Matt went to Fuse at church and one of the volunteers he volunteers with works at the children's museum. She gave us free passes!! WOO! 

The boys and I finished up the night at home with business as usual. 

Thursday morning brought happy boys before the sun had even come up. :) 

Maddox worked on his cup holding skills. 

Mason and I read some more and loved it! 

While I worked, Matt enjoyed good play time with his boys. 

With assistance from Mason for burping. 

When I got home, I wrote letters to my boys which I try to do each Thursday. It doesn't always happen but I give it a good effort! 

Friday, well, it was Friday and this silliness happened! 

We enjoyed some outside time once Matt got off. I continued clearing out things and organizing, too. 
Again, business as usual before bed. 

Saturday morning, we headed to Bojangles for breakfast with Grandmom and Granddad. It was so good to see them! 

We rant to the grocery store and to pick up a few things before heading home for Maddox's morning nap. 
I headed out alone for a few things for Matt and Mason's big evening. 
I had a $10 coupon at JCP and I used it to get this shirt. More on why I got this one later on. 

I also picked up these! 

That afternoon, we headed to Hatcher for a walk and it was beautiful out! 

Mason boycotted nap which is becoming a trend that I. DO. NOT. LIKE. 

 Matt and Mason headed out for a super fun night and Maddox and I held down the fort at home with selfies and giggles and more cleaning out! 

And that was our week. It was good and bad and just right for life as a family of four!