Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 9}

This sweet boy is content to play alone or with one other person often. And his reading time, sacred. 


Our sweet neighbor knocked on the door one day and handed me a dozen HOT Krispy Kreme donuts. We were four excited people! 

The TV time and reading time under blankets was at an all time high with GiGi visiting. ❤️

Now THAT was a hard nap! 

Still having trouble waking up...

I know I've mentioned a few times the meals we received. This is just one example. yes, all from one person/family. 😭😭😭 We are still using some of these items a month later. We were so so supported. 

A precious gift from a sweet friend. 

Library time is way better with GiGi. Heck, everything is. 

We had been saving for a TV and the one Matt wanted was on sale and we had enough so he ordered it. The boys were just as excited as he was! 

Mom offered to treat me to some new make-up at Clinique. We went one afternoon to try some out and I was very pleased! We happened to go during a gift time so we got some great stuff! Thanks, Mom! 


Matt and I got a little date to a restaurant in town and then walking around a few places. It was nice to just BE. 

More basketball...

All together. 

Had a few minutes with these girls. ❤️

Someone wasn't feeling it! 

Listening and praying at AWANA. 


Love her. Appreciate her now more than ever. 

My loves...

School! This boy rocked our first days/weeks back.

GiGi treated to DQ. Three happy folks! 



A precious friend delivered dinner and this awesome toy for the boys. The are playing with it often! 

A snack tray came, too. They devoured this quickly! 

Matt and I had a quick little date with Mason before t-ball practice. He chose the music store. 





Book time with GiGi! 

Love when he sends these. ❤️

Cannot. Handle. 

A friend's precious mom sent a donation to this organization in our Maxwell and Marcus's honor and they sent us this in the mail. I was very impressed by this. And of course, so honored. 

Game time! Mom was cracking up and this and just how much alike they are.