Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Monster That Ate My Socks by A.J. Cosmo {A Book Review}

The Monster That Ate My Socks by A.J. Cosmo is an EXCELLENT addition to our book collection. I know Mason will LOVE reading this book when he is a little older.  

As any parent knows, there are ALWAYS socks missing in the house and as I'm finding out more and more, they are usually placed somewhere out of the ordinary by a little stinker! 

This book by A.J. Cosmo is short story about a little boy who is getting trouble about losing his socks until he finds out that there is a monster stealing them. 

This book is HILARIOUS! And the illustrations are awesome! The story is just cute and enjoyable and I can't wait to read it to Mason one day soon! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Becoming A Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony {A Book Review}

*I received this book for free in exchange for this review.*

Since Matt and I became parents, we have been reading parenting books. All of the books vary in exactly what they focus on but they have been helpful to us in one way or another. This book, Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family: Avoiding the 6 Dysfunctional Parenting Styles by Michelle Anthony has been a great addition to our "parenting book arsenal."

Michelle presents 6 dysfunctional styles of parenting as listed below: 
The Double-Minded Parent
The I-Can't-Say-No Parent
The Driver Parent
The Micro-Managing
The Criticizing Parent
The Absentee Parent

I really enjoyed the way each of the dysfunctional parenting styles are presented including justifications and statements that help the reader to determine if this is the type of parent they are with their children. In the following chapters, there is a focus on how to address each type of parenting style. They book puts a positive spin on adjusting your parenting style and how to parent your children in a godly and spiritual way. The book was just such an encouragement. 

This book is FULL of information and will definitely be a book we read over and over again through the years. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Since Matt and I celebrated early with a date alone last weekend, we decided to make Valentine's Day a family affair and it was so nice! I made a special breakfast for my guys included bacon, mini cinnamon rolls, chocolate dipped fruit and orange juice. 

Mason and Matt got some water toys to shoot water at each other once it warms up and they got matching TMNT cups. Matt got plenty of chocolate and Mason got glow sticks and TMNT socks. Matt and Mason gave me the little game Farkle and Matt made flowers out of Valentine's cards that Mason picked out. 

Mason LOVES the glowsticks! 

Mason also gave me a little heart shaped box of Chocolates and made for one of the sweetest moments ever! 

After breakfast, we went mattress shopping which was a total bust but Mason loves the legos they had to play with while he waited for us. 

As a special V-day treat, Mason's cowlick was in full effect! 

After Mason's nap, we took him for a little fro-yo date before we did some thrift store browsing. 

Dinner was at Pizza Inn because they had two buffets, two drinks and a take home chocolate chip pizza for $20. We couldn't pass that up. After Mason was asleep, we watched our favorite shows and ate dessert. It was a perfect low-key day. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {February Weeks 1 & 2}

I usually re-cap the whole month of pictures but we (Mason and I) will be in Louisiana from the 17th-26th so I'll blog on that separately. :) That being said, here is what we've been up to these days!

One morning, Matt snapped this picture of Mason just after he woke up. Sweetest. Moment. Ever.

Mason has become quite the "helper" these days.

Mom sent us the kingcake box and it included beads and Mason is a huge fan of those beads. He will put all 9 strands on at the same time if he can.

Wild Bill!

Left pic: Crying because Matt won't pick the chair so he can climb on it. Right pic: Crying because the king cake box was empty.

That bloody spot on his chin? His first busted chin after he fell and hit his toy train during a dance party. Life is HARD!

Sweet boy just taking a rest.

Y'all! These two make me so much happy-er!

Wild and crazy FaceTime with my best boy when I was on a break for work one day.

The picture below is proof as to why I do not rough house with Mason anymore. He's too strong for me.

But he loves to be sweet with his daddy! 

Playtime at Barnes and Noble is a favorite!

For Superbowl Sunday, we had peanut butter cupcakes, beef nachos, and chips and French onion dip. Matt was an extra HAPPY guy! 

Mason is learning to put toys into containers, namely the back of his train. :)

See those beads? He LOVES them!

Where's Mason?!?!

Theo loves snuggle time, too! 

Sometimes, I ride my horse backwards. Silly kid! 

I asked Matt to take a picture of Mason and myself before MOPS. It didn't go well. 

Speaking of MOPS, it wears this boy out!

Mason and I met our friends, Jenn and Skylar, at the park one afternoon. It was our first time at this particular park and it's built to accommodate children with physical limitations so it's easy to get off and on. Nice for chasing Mason!

After the park, we went to Pizza Inn for dinner! FUN and yummy! 

Mason was trying to tickle Skylar's belly! It was hilarious!

Each time I work, Matt sends me a picture of Mason eating breakfast. Matt calls this "The Daddy Special": Eggs, toast and milk

Lounging after snack time. This kid takes cool to another level. 

We had Mason's 15 month appointment and we waited FOREVER! So unusual but we made the best out of it!

Mason got a little dramatic and was fussy so he enjoyed some snuggles and then some playtime in his diaper in the doctor's office. YEP, we did!

And, well the doctor's appointment wore him out, too!

We ran an errand that afternoon to the YMCA to put in an application. Mason did a little exploring, as usual!

See? Coolest kid I know! 

I love to see my two guys together. It makes those (intermittent) early mornings of work so much easier. They have so much fun together and Matt is an incredible Dad!

This strainer will never be the same after it became a hat!

Our favorite park opened back up last week and we went to check it out! It is very nice but the mulch is all brand new and fresh and it was EVERYWHERE on our clothes. Worth it though. ;)

Some of my favorite pictures of my boy right now. He loves his books and his bath time. 

We went to the Home Depot kid's workshop. Matt and Mason were ready! So I snapped way too many pictures of them! 

They gave the kids a piece of candy and Mason was so funny eating his once we got home.

And that candy eating and Valentine box building wore him slap out!

Even when it's cold, Mason needs his playtime. We bundle up as much as we can and go for it! 

I can remember the days just a year ago when he barely took up 1/4 of the crib and look at him now!

Showing his strength by carrying his basket of books to me.

And by helping Dad by carrying the wipes.

Okay, let me explain. We are not giving our 15 month old full cups of coffee. However, he thinks its so  fun to drink from the cup like his Dad does.

Sometimes, there's just nothing to say but I can't stand to leave the pictures out.

We met our MOMS club friends for breakfast one morning and we were early so little Mister roamed around the car. 

One of my favorite things to watch him do is look out the front door. He loves to watch the cars go by and has for as long as I can remember.

These glasses were my grandfather's from at least 40 years ago. These pictures are priceless. 

On this day, Mason was GLUED to my hip. I was either holding him or he wanted to be held. It was something! ;)

A little morning coffee date for the fellas. Look at Mason's face! 

We met for late breakfast/brunch one morning when I had to meet Matt in town for something. Bojangles had heart shaped bo-berry biscuits that I couldn't pass up! 

That same day, we met Jenn and Skylar at the mall to walk around, play, and clearance shop at Children's place. Getting two kids to look at the camera...not happening! 

Blizzard of the Month: Red Velvet Cake, enough said! 

Mason was having trouble keeping his pants up one day...silly fella! 

Also, Mason has now discovered the fun in jumping on the bed. Heaven help us! 

Though it has been cold a good bit, we have also had some beautiful afternoons. Perfect for being outside! 

Mason got to see Matt in action at work one day. It was so neat to see him just staring at Matt while he worked. 

Again, more beautiful afternoons! 

Matt sent this picture to me one morning while I worked. He put Mason in the hallway to eat breakfast and he cleaned the bathroom while Mason watched! I love my guys so much! 

When I work, sometimes Matt will have to get dressed to go to work and be ready to make a quick getaway when I get home. This morning, he set Mason up with an episode of Curious George and these pictures followed. 

The boy gets around! 

I love watching our little guy play. He is learning and exploring so much! 

Random picture, I know. Matt helped his grandparents unload a chair one day and they were getting rid of this one and it made a new home with us. We love it! It's a glider of which I am a HUGE fan! 

Chick-Fil-A is doing free coffee all month and Matt has been enjoying that for sure! 

I loaded Mason up to go to the park one day and he insisted on taking his rake! 

Oh, and Mason loves the glider, too! 

Matt and I enjoyed an evening at home with Criminal Minds on the iPad and snickerdoodle popcorn. Perfect night for us! 

Just before Mason and I headed out of town, Matt took him on a fun afternoon date including a trip to the library, Ollie's and Bojangle's! They love spending time together! 

Stay tuned for updates from our Louisiana trip once we return!