Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2nd Day Hair

I've got to take a moment away from my typical style of blogging about our family and talk about something VERY superficial! It's just necessary. 

Before Mason was born and actually, for all of my life from what I can remember, in order for my hair to look decent, I had to wash it each and every day. This often resulted in my washing it and just drying it partially and pulling it back for work many days because I just didn't want to fix it everyday. Call it lazy, yeah, that's pretty much all you can call it!

Anyway, after having Mason, I discovered the most amazing thing!! I can now wash and dry my hair one day and then the next day it still looks nice!!! This is awesome because this results in it only being necessary to wash 3-4 times a week and still have clean hair the other days too!!

I love this because it encourages me to get my hair done those 3-4 days each week and then knowing it will still be good for the next day. Having an infant and still learning the ropes, this new hair discovery just makes other parts of life so much easier!!

SOOO, yay for 2nd day hair!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Mason: Week 8 {Photos}

Day 50: Sick little guy...

same day: feeling better! 

I may be sick but I decided to try to hold my bottle today! 

Day 51: Very serious :)

same day: waiting for the doctor for a follow-up

same day: showing off his skills holding up his head! 

Day 52: I LOVE this outfit

same day: Love my Dad :)

Day 53: First Christmas coming up AND wearing his baby legs for the first time! 

same day: Little grin

same day: who me?? 

Day 54: Christmas morning laughs with Momma! 

Mom and Dad smiling because they are snuggling and sleeping little one. 

ALL DAY PJ DAY for Christmas! 

Modeling ;-)

Day 55: Rocking the hoodie! 

Day 56: Sweet smiles 

Showing off his outfit from GiGi! 

Mason's 1st Cold! :-(

Last week, Mason had his first cold! We ended up at the doctor and thankfully, he just had to get an antibiotic shot.  A few more details to come during his monthly update but here are a few pictures from the day. He was such a trooper!
Not impressed with the doctor's office

Naked waiting for a shot. :(

MMM's first bandaid! 

Sleeping to feel better! 

Snuggles with Mom! 

I feel better!! :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Charleston, South Carolina

Recently, I was contacted my Marriott in Charleston, SC to share some fun information about the city of Charleston! Matt and I love Charleston and we celebrated our 2nd anniversary there earlier this year. We wish we were able to get there more often and of course, we cannot wait to take Mason!!

Marriott shared this AWESOME infographic with me to share with you. I loved reading all of the information on this and I hope it will be enjoyable for you to read as well. And maybe, it will even help you decide to take a trip there!

In case this version is hard to read, click here for a larger website version!

Our favorites: Rainbow row, shopping at the Market, eating at all of the amazing restaurants and just walking around enjoying the city! Have you been to Charleston? What are your favorite things to do and see?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

GiGi babysits

When we were at The Home Depot Christmas Party, GiGi enjoyed lots of snuggle time with Mason. Aside from one little "fit" Mason had, they had so much fun! Mom sent pictures often so we would know Mason was doing well. 
Thanks, GiGi! 


Reunited and it felt so good!! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Home Depot Christmas Party

Matt's work Christmas Party was Sunday the 15th. We were glad that Mom was here to stay with Mason so that we could go. However, when we got to the party, Matt's boss said "Parents of newborns are not allowed to come to the party unless they bring their little ones!" Guess we should have taken Mason with us. HAHA! The party was held at Summit Pointe in Spartanburg and the food was yummy. 

We had fun!

These were in the center of each table and I loved them! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mason: Week 7 {Photos}

Day 43: Santa in a smoker's jacket

Day 44: More Christmas clothes 

Day 45: GiGi babysat Mason. They SNUGGLED! :)

Day 46: A little smirk. Learning to smile! 

Day 47: Mama loves that boy! 

Day 48: First Trip to Waffle House; slept right through it :)


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paw Paw Meets Mason

Mason's PawPaw came to visit on December 3rd and stayed through December 7th. We enjoyed having him here. His time here consisted of a little shopping with the purchase of Mason's first camouflage clothing and two Christmas ornaments. Lots of food and a little bit of traveling and so much snuggling were also a part of the big week. 

Here is Mason meeting PawPaw for the first time!! 

The following pictures show just how much snuggling PawPaw and Mason did! 

We took a few generation pics. Love these two! 


Then Mason and PawPaw had their turn. 



We Love you PawPaw!!