Thursday, April 30, 2020

Maddox Says and Does {23}

"I bet the red pandas are adorable."

"I'm sad that the twins died. I was going to change their pee pee diapers and you and Dad could change the poop ones."

"Need me to do some brooming for you?"

I asked Maddox if he was still biting his nails. "Yeah, biting means we are cutting them ourselves with our mouths." Well, he's not wrong...

"I had an aardvark as a pet when I lived in China."

Maddox and I were having a sleepover and we were watching a show. He told me to turn the show off so we could go to bed. Two minutes later, he asked to be put into his bed because he was "already asleep." 😂

When we were outside, Maddox went into the house. When I checked on him. He said, "I need some place nice and quiet." ❤️

We've discussed with the boys that cardinals are a representation of a loved one who has passed away. The other day there was one in the yard. Mason said, "You're so cute Maxwell and Marcus!" and then Maddox said, "We hope you have fun with Jesus!" 😭😭😭

The daily journal question was "How Many kids will you have?"
"Four. Don't worry. I'll live by myself. I'll move and they will all have their own beds." ❤️😂

Maddox asked why we couldn't see our friends and I tried to explain. "Well, we can just stand seven feet apart!"

One morning, Maddox was drumming on my chest and said, "They suuuuuurrrrrrrreeeee are squishy!" 

Maddox ask to see some pictures of me as a little girl. My mom sent some and I showed them to Maddox. "Wow! I can hardly even believe it!"

April 20th "When will the virus end?" 😭

From the living room one day: I've lost my marbles!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Mason Says and Does {42}

Instead of saying "talking under your breath", Mason said "Are you talking on your breath?" ❤️

Mason had to name an animal on his worksheet. He chose the rhino and named him "Horny." 😂

When we were baking brownies for the first time, Mason told me to be careful not to scramble the eggs..."that's the hard part of baking." 😍

On a show we were watching, someone said they liked something. Mason said "Maybe you should marry it!" 😂

We've been watching lots of Kid's Baking Championship on Food Network. We all love it! We've been talking back and forth with Aunt Anne about it, too. One morning, Mason said, "Aunt Anne and Uncle Ben might be Kid's Baking Championship's biggest fans!" ❤️

We've discussed with the boys that cardinals are a representation of a loved one who has passed away. The other day there was one in the yard. Mason said, "You're so cute Maxwell and Marcus!" and then Maddox said, "We hope you have fun with Jesus!" 😭😭😭

While observing gnats one day. "If you look very closely, they are, surprisingly, black."

We were driving to drop something at a friend's house. "Sure haven't been out here in a while. Like a year." 

The boys asked for strawberries to go with their donuts. Mason: I'll eat the healthy part first!"

When he realized he'd finished his whole math curriculum, "I'm so proud of myself!!!!" 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Just some things...

I usually save noted in my phone of things that take place so I can remember them. These were in there and weren't directly from the boys so I wanted to put them somewhere.

Matt saw Dan who works at Hatcher Garden and he told him that he'd seen the boys swimming in the front yard and it had made him smile. ❤️

Matt had no clue what day it was during quarantine. He said there were only two days: Gotoworksday and Stayhomesday.

Monday, April 27, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 16}

These pictures are somewhat out of order but I don't have the brain power to rearrange them and all of the days run together anyway so it'll be fine! 😂
Matt ran a couple of errands and while at Wal-Mart found this shirt marked down to $1! Maddox was PUMPED! 

Mason was as well. 

Blueberry Muffin Mix from Jiffy was a major discovery recently! these were delicious and we've since made them into pancakes and waffles. All are delicious! 

Spelling practice. He said he needed to lay in his spelling seat. 😂

Matt saw Coach LaQuan one day and snapped a picture. The boys were PUMPED! He's a favorite! 

Non-stop talking! 

Mowing season is in full swing and Matt has LOTS of help! 

He also has an audience while he mows. ☺️


This was a fun math activity. ❤️

Oh this boy. We had some rough days recently but we make the best of it. 

This kid and his weird sleeping habits. 

He did NOT want to wake up. It was a bit comical. 

While Maddox was having a marathon nap, Matt was running FOUR miles!!! 

A new activity at work...spraying down aprons before leaving for the day. 


He said, "I live alllll alone!" 

Dinners outside have been a major plus recently! When they happen, the boys frequently ask for a popsicle after! Look at Maddox's little lean...



Tis caterpillar season. 

Now that is relaxation...

Strawberries!!!! This would be our 7th year picking strawberries at a local farm but it isn't likely to happen. I'm still really sad about it BUT Matt was able to pick some up one Saturday morning and that was a MAJOR win! 

Happy strawberry-loving folks! 

IG influenced me to make chocolate cobbler. It was GOOD but SOOOO rich! 

All snuggled up with his new TV pillow. 

Look at this Dad outfit. 😂

Oh boy...

Our friends gave us some camping chairs and the boys have LOVED them! 


I sent a friend some ColorStreet the mail. She didn't know they were coming! I believe I shocked her. ❤️

We made funnel cakes one evening. They were good but kinda one of those things that don't need to be made very often. 😂

I did some MAJOR raking at our neighbor's house. They are paying Matt to upkeep their yard but the first time he did it, it needed a ton of work so we all pitched in! 

I used some of the strawberries for strawberry banana muffins. It was a huge win and perfect for a few breakfasts. 

Matt also made honey oat bread. Delicious! 

Morning breakfast smiles...

I sent my sweet mom her Mother's Day present early. She loves it and so do I! 

Sunday morning was chill and the boys snuggled in Mason's bed for a couple of movies! 

Comfortable, Maddox? 

Date night!! I'd be craving steak and we were able to get two. We decided to save one and just split one. It was delicious and the whole date night was great! 

More non-stop chatter! 

Maddox asked if I was a little girl once and then asked to see pictures. Mom sent these. ❤️


Bringing me flowers and darn happy about it! 

Big Brother was in the backyard doing the same thing. They are always bringing flowers and I love it! 

Mr. Grumpy Pants back there!!! 

Someone snuck a picture of himself. 

A dear friend sent me a Bottle Of Tears bottle and it is so precious. I will cherish it. ❤️

Our neighbor brought donuts. Every time he does, it surprises us in the best way! 

Sweet boys found a leaf for their GiGi!