Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 20}

Well, in the last 80+ days, these boys are almost worn holes in their pajamas from wearing them so frequently. 😂

I love when they just relax a bit. They have been playing HARD these days so some still quietness is nice. 

This big guy has been giving lots of love and snuggles lately and I am certain not mad about it! 

Apparently, this guy wore himself out! He was having a clingy day. I didn't mind! 

That face!! 

Mason got my phone one day and took some pictures. 

Looks as though Maddox attempted the same. Bahahaha. 

I was out grocery shopping on this particular afternoon and Matt was sending me pictures. Maddox was chilly so he was trying everything he could to get dry and warm. 


Outdoor picnics! Our FAVE! So glad we enjoyed these often this spring because it's too hot not unless we do it VERY early or late. 

Matt and Mason stayed outside one evening together and just had a sweet time together. Apparently, a silly one, too. 

I won a giveaway my friend Ashley was doing and got to try some of the Rodan + Fields masks. This one was CRAZY!! 

Maddox was uncertain. 

Another tooth...GONE! 

He was looking so cool in his goggles AND superhero mask! 

Outside is where SO much of this guy's creativity happens! 

A cool sight! 


Our neighbor just KNOWS when we need KK. 

Game time with this guy is always fun. He was beating me on this day...BIG TIME! 

Pringle taste test was FUN. It wasn't as exciting as Oreos or cereal but we definitely enjoyed eating these over the 1-2 weeks after the taste test! 

Pool time! Like when Mom used to spray the window of the car during a car wash. 

Our neighborhood hawk was hanging close one morning. 

Mr. or Mrs. Mockingbird was trying to get him out of here! 


Oh boy...the headband trend went from Mom to Maddox to Dad and Mason. 😂

The best. 

Headband Sucker Brothers, they called themselves. 

Somehow I landed a foot rub! 


Whoa! Check out that run that Matt got in! 🎉🎉🎉

When his hair couldn't touch the glue, we had to use a headband or ponytail holder. Boy, he was looking wild! 


Goodness gracious. He's so handsome! 

Went to the dentist for a check-up and got a tooth pulled! 🎉

Since the tooth fairy is fresh out of dollars, we went with a pudding cup kit we had at home! 🎉

Quarantine makes you do crazy things...

Matt's skin was GLOWING!! 😂