Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney {A Book Review}

Oh my word.  After reading the synopsis of this book, Conversations With Friends, I thought it sounded fun to read. However, I absolutely loathed this book. I did not enjoy the way Conversations With Friends was written. There were very few quotation marks which made it hard for me to follow. 

Aside from the whole quotation mark issue, I didn't care for the story at all. It was not easy for me to follow nor was it enjoyable. 

This author is from Ireland so I do recognize that her writing style may be cultural. Regardless, I didn't like it. 

This was my least favorite read of the year thus far. Womp Womp. 

**I received this book from Blogging for Books.**

Edited to Add: here is a link for the Amazon listing so you can read more. I know this isn't my best review. I just don't have much else to say. 

Favorite Children's Books {2} Biblically Focused

Continuing on with some of our favorite books today. I'm sharing some of ours that are biblically focused. We have these books in a basket right on our dining room table and we read many of them daily. 

Say & Pray Bible: This book is great for kids about the age of Maddox. It's simplistic yet introduces some of the core bible stories like Jonah and the Whale and Noah's Ark. Each story has pictures labeled as well as including a verse as well as a prayer. 

Treasury of Bible Stories: Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times: This book is hilarious!! The stories are presented well yet they are all rhyming and the pictures are comical. Mason LOVES this book! 

Our Daily Bread For Kids: This book was given to us recently for Maddox's birthday. It is a bit advanced for both of the boys but the devotionals are short enough that I can still read them to both boys while they eat. This book has a scripture along with each devotional as well as a few fun biblical facts. 

Our neighbors gave us these devotionals for Mason's 3rd birthday and we have read both of them. They are great to cover both Old and New Testament. These have great illustrations and hold Mason's attention while I read the devotional. 

These are some of our favorite resources right now. If you check them out, I hope you enjoy, too! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 29}

29 weeks through the year. It'll be Christmas before we know it. ;-) 

We started off Sunday with a trip to Target before church. Mason has been BEGGING to ride in one of these carts and I loathe them. We gave it and he was so glad!   

After church and family naps, we went to Bruster's to get the guys ice cream for National Ice Cream Day! 
Don't worry, Maddox didn't just get a plain cone! 


Sunday evening was the perfect night for a glow stick bath. It wasn't completely dark in the bathroom but the boys still had a blast! 

We ended the night snuggled up on the couch. :) 

Monday morning, Matt took Mason to speech and Maddox and I had fun at home. He's full of shenanigans! 



After speech, Mason found this AWESOME cicada and his day was MADE! 

After they got home and Matt headed to work, Mason and I watched a few monster truck videos. 

That afternoon after naps, we headed to the park and friends joined us. We all lost 3 pounds in sweat. ;-)


Tuesday, Mason helped me make pasta sauce. He's a pretty good chef! 

During our school time, we learned about patterns and made a tall tall patterned tower. 

During bath time, there was LOTS of love. :) 

When I headed to work that afternoon, Matt sent me this picture. Maddox was finally sitting still. Ironically it was on a rocking toy. 😂😂😂

Then he switched ride-on toys. :) 

That night was Daddy/Son date night and Matt took the boys to Denny's. Mason has been begging and it was Kid's Eat Free night so no better time to go! 


Mason has named this pancake "Cheese" 


They made a pit stop by the library and Maddox sent a few e-mails. :) 

Wednesday morning we pulled out the cow crowns. 

AND Mason finished one of his workbooks. He was proud but was not interested in a picture. 

As a reward, I showed him a video of the crane being taken down in town at the hotel they are building. He was intrigued and very focused! 

Wednesday continued with story time for the guys while I stayed home and got some work done.
Thursday morning, Mason started the day by blocking Maddox in. :) 

During school time, we continued learning about patterns and I built this. 

Mason built these steps with a big garden of yellow flowers. 

He also drew these two people with legs and arms. I was pretty impressed with that! 

For afternoon snack, Mason got cheese puffs and asked how they were made. His mind was blown when Matt showed him a video about it! 

Friday we continued school stuff with a new workbook. He's learning so much and he enjoys a good mix of workbooks and free play/activities. It's been good for both of us!

He made this pattern road for his ambulance to drive on. 

Maddox does a lot of moving around but when he gets by books, he sits and reads for the longest. 

Friday night, we put Maddox to bed and Matt headed to a meeting. Mason and I snuggled up and watched a few shows. 

Sweet stuff! 

Saturday morning I headed to work and Mason had a little bathroom reading time. ;-) 

And Maddox did some, too. Jus not in the bathroom. 

Goodness, guess there's more bathroom talk! The guys headed to the Farmer's Market and Mason says, "Dad, I forgot to use the bathroom at home." Clearly not true as evidenced above BUT whatcha gonna do?!

The bounty! 

I picked Mason up when I finished working to run a few errands including the library and Target. When Maddox woke up, he was looking for his brother! 

Here we are! :) 

After afternoon naps, we headed to the downtown library to play for a while. Maddox was feeling extra independent. 



After that we headed to a new ice cream shop in town, I Scream U Scream. The ice cream was delicious but the service was a little blah. We will give them another try soon though but the ice cream was worth it. 

Buds met us there and we got to enjoy some time with them! 


3 year of friendship. :) 

We ended Saturday by putting the boys in bed and having an at home date night with lots of treats from Lidl and Aldi. It was delicious and we had such a fun time!