Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hatcher Garden Pumpkin Path 2018

Last Thursday, Hatcher Garden hosted their annual event, Hatcher Garden Pumpkin Path. It was their most successful one yet! 

Maddox was a train conductor.


Mason was the transformer, Bumblebee. 

They ask for donations for a local charity upon entrance. While we stood in line to give ours, Maddox grabbed Matt's hand. 😍

We had our buddy, Anna, with us and she got a butterfly painted on her face. 

Maddox also got his face painting. He asked for a bean. 😂

Love this guy...

We were with the REAL Cinderella! 

We were also with our friends, the Rasnakes. More pictures of them to come when I post the pictures Matt took with his camera. 

Our favorite Hatcher Garden employee, Mr. Dan was very generous with his candy! 

We had a great time! So proud for Hatcher Garden and this great event! 

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 43}

After Nashville, these boys needed haircuts BIG TIME! 
Aren't they handsome!?! 


Monday afternoon, we went to LEGO block party and boy boys had such a blast! 

Tuesday morning we headed to the library for the puppet show and we got a surprise when some buds showed up! 

Look at this little sweetie pie...

And this one, too! 

Wednesday morning, we had a discharge meeting for Mason. He finished speech at the school! He has a few weeks left of speech at the clinic and then he's done! 

Maddox is proud of his brother, too! 

HD put out their Christmas decorations so you know we had to check it all out. 

CFA story time was plenty of fun and the boys made jack-o-lanterns, too!

Because Mason finished speech, I let him get his own kid's meal versus the three of us sharing something. He was pumped! 

Library story time was small and that was great for us because my boys were WIRED!! 


Look how beautiful...

Thursday morning this happened...yeah, I was shocked too. 

Matching boys at BSF :) 

We also got to pick up our bud at school. Woohoo! 

That evening we did Hatcher Garden Pumpkin Path with friends and I'll share more about that soon. 
Friday morning brought the start of Mason's birthday week!! And TONS of rain! 
I took the boys out to breakfast at Mcdonalds and then to Target. We weren't letting the rain slow us down! 

After all of that excitement, we needed a chill movie/snack time. 

That night, Matt and Mason had a special movie time, too, watching Inside Out. 

This also happened at some point this week...

Saturday morning another birthday week treat was presented. Chocolate chip pancakes with colorful sprinkles. YUM! 

We had a birthday party that day and Mason made this card...It's sideways but I had to include it. 

It was a NERF party and it was a blast!! 


My boys found a toad and that was some excitement! 




We are so grateful for new and special friends who are in our lives and glad we get the opportunity to celebrate life with them! 

Saturday evening we went to Neewollah at Croft State Park and then back to eat dinner with friends. Maddox was guarding his food. 😂

Sunday, we all slept in and then headed to church. After church, I headed to the grocery store and came home to give Mason that day's birthday week treat. Kinder Joy eggs are a frequent request so we made that happen! It's the little things...

Someone gave me some extra good Sunday afternoon post-nap snuggles and neither of us were mad about it!