Thursday, May 31, 2018

Everyday Holy by Melanie Shankle {A Devotional Review}

Everyday Holy: Finding A Big God in the Little Moments by Melanie Shankle has been a God-send for me. I have read all of Melanie Shankle's books in the past so when I saw she put out of her first devotional, I was anxious to get my hands on it. 

Everyday Holy is completely relatable as Shankle uses everyday situations, stories from her life and pop culture to draw you in to be reminded of God's goodness. I feel like sometimes devotionals can be heavy and a bit bogged down for me. These are the opposite of that. They clearly turn you toward God with scriptures and basic truths based on those scriptures but are also basic enough that even the youngest of Christians can relate to what is shared. 

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a daily devotion. These are poignant and simple and easy to fit into a busy day. 

Thanks, Melanie! 

**I received this book from BookLook Bloggers! 

The Morgan Family Road Trip 2018: Day 4

On Sunday morning, we woke up and headed up to Easton, PA to CRAYOLA EXPERIENCE!!! 
It was an incredible day so hang on tight! 

Two cool dudes along for the ride...completely clueless as to where we were going! 

Little silly boy pretending like he is sleeping. 😂

We made it!! 


This place was so well done. Matt and I are still talking about the details of everything! And at about $20 a ticket, well worth the price. Maddox was free since he's under 2/3. 

First stop: world's largest crayon! 

We headed all the way to the top floor and the boys got to create some things. 
First was melted crayon art. 





Then the melted crayon was molded into something. Both boys made a car and a ring. 




There was also melted crayon that could be painted with q-tips. This was their least favorite of the three. 

Next floor down: PLAYPLACE! 


Animals near the play area that you could color! 

They also had a water color painting area. 


And then this awesome drying station! 

Our next stop was the water play area and Matt and I were both disappointed in this part. It was impossible for Maddox to reach it which wasn't fun for him. Mason enjoyed it but it definitely wasn't a favorite. 


We went to the next area where the boys made a personalized crayon in the color of their choice. 


Next was interactive play with various things. First we were covered in paint! 

Then we made some artwork of our own that was displayed on the walls. 





Then, we made the crayons dance! 



Mason and I attempted to watch a little show about crayon making but it wasn't entertaining so we left and the boys played in the smaller play area for a while. 

Love him...

More interactive coloring area where your artwork came alive. 


We went to the cafe and the boys got a pretzel for snack. It was huge so we call ended up having a bit. 

Next stop was the souvenir shop. Tons of neat stuff. We ended up with some glow sticks, bath paint and an ornament. 

Silly boy! 

Shortly after, we headed back to the play area and then went outside for lunch. It was an incredible 3+ hours of fun! 

We realized we were 2 miles for NJ so of course we drove across the state line. We had to laugh on the way back though because we had to pay a toll to come back. 😂

Cue nap time! 

And some "ooh ooh ooh" because Maddox is so cute! 

And just like that, back in Pennsylvania. 

We drove through some of the prettiest countryside on our way back to Mom-Mom's. The pictures are sub-par but the memories of that lush green grass, livestock, etc are as good as gold! 

Mom-Mom got back to her house before us and the boys were so glad to see her! It was a beautiful afternoon so we stayed on the front porch for a while! 
There was lots of driving cars up and down Mom-Mom's legs and seat snatching. :) 



Tired from a long day! 

This little glass figurine sits in Mom-Mom's foyer and Maddox gave her lots of kisses! 

They're gone!