Friday, September 28, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {14}

"What are you thankful for Maddox?" (A question we ask each night before bed.)
"Thankful for Grandmom and Granddad's house." 😭😍😭😍

We got Mom's dog a toy at the pet store for her to bring home with her and it was a "drac-cola" Maddox found it one day while she was still visiting "Mmmm good coke!" 

--When he wakes up and at other random parts of the day, he will use a whisper voice to talk to us. It is the cutest.

--There is PLENTY of intonation in his voice and it's pretty unique.

--He repeats nearly anything we say and has so many words. I say often that I thought Mason talked plenty but Maddox talks even more than that!!

--For WEEKS, he would not sing "Happy Birthday" to me when we were practicing and talking about my birthday etc. He kept singing to friends, grandparents and would just giggle and smile at me when asked to sing to me BUT on the big day, he finally did!

--LOVES Anna and Emily and asks about them daily, even hourly! He loves their house and being able to play with them.

--He has eaten about 3 dozen mints in the last two weeks that GiGi has visited. She has spoiled him good. 😊

-I asked Maddox if he would like something to eat. He thought for a minute..."Ummmm, have a little Tampico?" 😂

-Timer in the kitchen was set for a non-cooking task and Maddox kept yelling "PIZZA!" every time it went off.


When our electricity went out, we brought some food to the neighbors since hers was still on. When they went to pick it up, Maddox was helping Matt and just grabbed himself a fruit cup out of the fridge that wasn't ours. 😂

I asked Maddox if he wanted to read and he said "sure" so nonchalantly. :)

Before bed, I asked what he was thankful for "Momma, Daddy and Mason."

I tried to give him a hug before bed and he said "too tired".
As I walked out of the room he called me back for a hug. :) 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Mason Says & Does {33}

While at Hatcher Garden....
Mason: "Dad, I want to talk about about cold water and hot 'man.'"
Matt: "Hot man?"
Mason: "No. Hot Land."
Matt eventually was able to talk to him more about it and figure out that he wanted to talk about cold blooded and hot blooded animals. 😊

Also related to Hatcher Garden...
I asked Mason about their visit and a dog was mentioned. They said the dog's name was Major and I asked about it. They said it was a girl dog which surprised me. Matt was telling me more and Mason said, "Yeah, she didn't have a penis." 😂 And this conversation was taking place at the table and so of course Maddox then begins chanting that. 😂

One afternoon, Mason grabbed up this get-up and said he was a detective. He came up to us and said "Ma'am, have you lost anything?" It. Was. The. Best. 

I asked Mason to tell me something I did well as a Mom...He said "love me" 😍
I asked him to tell me something I could do better...He said "cook" 😳
He then clarified that he said this because I cannot grill. :) 

Random phrases heard from Mason: 
Oh my goodness!
What in the world? 
Mom, this is strange!
This is confusing. 

While watching the LSU game, He just yelled. "This is amazing for LSU!!" 

When we were leaving a bible study, the caregivers said, "Mason has stolen our hearts. He is so precious." 😭😍

"Well, Mom. Skylar isn't married yet. So maybe I can marry her." 😍

Matt and the boys were playing "bedtime" and Mason was the Dad. He got them tucked in and sang to them. Then he came into the kitchen where I was and in a deep voice said, "Honey, want to go to a movie?" 😂
He also told them that he wasn't coming back in again to say goodnight. Guess he's heard that a few times! 

God loves to hear us laugh. 

Maddox took all of my sleep. 

When Maddox told me he didn't want a hug and then asked for one, Mason said, "No, Maddox. You have to stick to what you say. Like the song says, 'God makes a promise and then he keeps it.'"😭

Matt took the boys to Moe's for free quest. On the TV, the Browns game was playing. Mason asked who they were and then said "Why are they the Browns if they wear orange?" 😂

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Favorite Children's Books {13}

Let's see what we've been reading lately! 

I have mentioned these 5-minute story books before, I believe and we just love them! Our latest reads are the ones below. Mason especially loved the Halloween one. 


These are just unique books with mazes included as well as certain items or objects you are supposed to locate. Really neat and entertaining. 

This is a sweet book about friendship. The rhino isn't so sure that he wants the tick around but when he's gone, he realizes what he is missing! 

This book is hilarious! Woodpecker plots how to get those good smelling waffles! 

We read three books about The Nuts and they were all cute but this was the favorite. Lots of sing-song words and a catchy story. 

A sweet book about changes in friendship. 

Mason especially liked this one. It's a story of why you can't get to the end of a rainbow anymore. It was interesting. 

This one made me 😭. Jessica is in need of rescue and Rescue is, too. Incredible story. 

I LOVED this one, too! all about humans being happy with who they are. 

A fun story about how we are protected while we sleep. Appealing to my boys for sure. 

Sammy just wants to help make it the best Halloween ever but should he start on November 1st?! 

I like this one a great deal. All about beetles and also about emotions. 

A really cook book with their thoughts are how the Galapagos Islands formed and how they are changing etc. 

No one can see will she make friends!?!

Another book about how we are all different and that's okay. 

This book will just have you cracking up. Little boy gets a dog. Then his dog wants a pet. It goes on and on. 

Bear gets scared...what will he do!? 

Marisol McDonald is unique. I really liked this one, too. 

I can't remember everything about this book but I know we all enjoyed it. 

The noisy foxes are looking for a quiet place...will they find it? 

Hooray for being you. Another sweet book about being who you are made to be. 

5 stars for this book which introduced us to several people in history that we didn't know anything about! 

We finished our next Who Was...Book, too! 

If you haven't been doing this devotional with your kiddos, check it out! 

She Persisted is a great book to teach about women in history who are changed the world. 

They called themselves The Ugly Five but are they? 

A sweet book on adoption. 

Fiona was born a little bit but she was a fighter! Based on a true story. 

We are all different...what color are you? 

This little girl has monster troubles but they aren't what you'd expect. ;) 

This book was incredible. However, I wouldn't recommend for a sensitive/hyper-aware child because Mason enjoyed reading about and learning the story but it has made him very sad, too. 

The Dino egg is will it find its parents!? 

Coco the Carrot sets out to find an adventurous life and she definitely does! 

Ole Bruce is always good for a laugh. This one is no different! 

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 38}

Last week, we hit the ground running and it was a full week for us! 
Monday, Matt took Mason to speech and Maddox and I read his favorite book. This guy loves all things machinery! 

He also assisted me with my breakfast. :) 

Before Daddy left for work, he had some loving. :) 

The boys had been asking to go to the mall for a while and Monday was a good day for it. We strolled around stores smelling candles and such and played in the play area for a while. Mason was my big helper. 


That afternoon, we went to the library just to read and play and there was an event so we checked it out. The boys got to read to Rohan the therapy dog. It was so precious. 


That night, we ended up at Cook-Out because why not?!? Maddox and I were sharing a tray. Well, we were trying. 😂

Yep, it was good! 

The next day we hit up Home Depot and Maddox couldn't decide if he liked the Halloween stuff or not. 😂

While I worked, Matt took the boys to Hatcher Garden and they had a blast! Mason even found some snails and held them. 

The next day, they were so happy sharing toys together and laughing for a long time! 

We headed to MOPS together! 

When we got home, Mason built a train and we all got to ride on it and even drive it some, too! 

At dinner, Maddox helped himself to putting jelly in his hair so I washed it. Well, not all of it, just the part that was dirty. 😂

Thursday morning, the boys had dentist appointments and it was the first time in nearly 4 years that no one cried or threw up. I was pretty pumped!! I over documented but in the end I was so glad I had taken so many pictures because they did so well! 









That afternoon, I headed to work and Matt got the unexpected treat of a few minutes of a nap! It was definitely short-lived. 

Since the boys had done so well at the dentist and it was free queso day at Moe's that was snack! Matt said that he and Mason could hardly keep up! 

They took a trip to Wal-Mart and this was happening. Unreal...

After I worked, Matt sent me for free queso, too! 

Friday morning, we headed to Aldi and couldn't pass up the $1.79 pumpkins! 

That evening, Matt and I had a quick date night in. He was surprised because I ended up using some of my birthday money to treat us. :) 

It was sooo yummy! Thanks, The Clock! 

Love this one...

And this one, too, even though he would take a picture with me. 

That evening, Matt's mom came into town and is staying at Matt's grandparents and we were all supposed to have dinner together. The boys were a bit snotty so I stayed home with the boys while everyone else was together. We FaceTimed for cake and singing Happy Birthday! 

Maddox and I did a puzzle for a while and he worked hard! 

That night, they had a late snack and Maddox was feeding his elephant. 

Grandmom made the boys some precious turtles and I grabbed pictures of them when they headed to bed. 😍

Sunday, I woke up with a horrible neck muscle spasm going on so we were home all day. We snuggled up in bed and played iPad games, watched shows/movies etc. It was just what we all needed. 

We were a bit stir crazy by the end of the day but these boys knew we all needed rest.