Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mason Says & Does {10}

 Not a long list this go around but trust me, we are having just as much fun!!

Mason came bounding through the house one day saying "Fee Fi Fo Fum!!"

One morning, we were heading out to an event and Mason was dilly dallying and I was asking him to come on. He ran out into the yard and right as I went to scold him, he said "Here ma, a flower for you!" Heart melted and tears flowed.

We pulled up at Mason's favorite park recently and he said "We're home!!"

I told Mason "I have a fun craft for us to do with paint and qtips." And he yells "and peanut butter!!"

Mason told me the other day that he loved "Mom, Dad, Maddox, Kris and Anna." as he counted on his fingers. :)

We were getting him dressed the other day at the same time as Maddox and he said "Look ma, Maddox have p***s like me!" Yep, bud he sure does....haha!

He pointed to a pic on the wall and said "Dat your Ma" as he pointed to his GiGi and I asked him who my Dad was, "PawPaw" he responded. I then asked him who Matt's mom was and he said "YOU!" and I told him it was Grammy. And then I asked who Daddy's Dad was "PopPop" He didn't know beforehand but once I told him Grammy was Matt's mom, he connected those dots. Smart kiddo!

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-September 2016}

Whoa, I got behind this past week. Between Matt's changing work schedule and managing the household, blogging just wasn't happening! 
Let's check out what little random assortment of pictures we've got going on around here. ;-)

Look at that little cutie pie. He was supposed to be sleeping in his seat but he wasn't. Love that little face. 

Now, that's better. That mother's room is just soothing!

A sweet pic with our buddy, Riley. He and his family moved to CA so we had to get a pic of the boys.

Happy boy!

We loved these onesies with Mason and it's no different with Maddox. We have several, one for almost all of the grandparents. Today he was reppin' Grammy.

This is how Matt gets things done at home while I work. ;-)

Uh oh...down for the count!

Mason brought brother some toys. haha!

Now almost an exclusive stomach sleeper.  I can't hardly deal.

We also celebrated National Chocolate Milkshake Day. Yes, we did!

He decided the pacifier was not his friend and instead he found his thumb, fingers and fist!

Gah, sleeping pictures are my fave.



"Let's get a few pictures before we leave the house!" haha! What a mess!

He looks afraid!

Mason was talking on the phone. I guess I hold the phone like this sometimes?!?

Early morning snuggles.

When Matt's schedule shifted, we all had to adjust. On the first morning, we made a big ole batch of chocolate chip pancakes!

Oh my love...

That Mom life!

Maddox meets jumper and loves it!


Mason says "CHEESE!" and asked for pictures so we did just that!


Little brother...

Coloring pictures is fun but balancing crayons is fun-ner! ;-)

Matt was looking for a specific soda and meanwhile, Mason was looking across the aisle and saying "Have bottle Da?" Nope!

These brothers...all the love!

Working on that grip!

Jungle mat laying. finger sucking...little rascal!

We made a HUGE birthday card for Granddad's 80th birthday and Mason was showing his handiwork!

More of that mom life...it's gooood.



Matt and Mason attended a surprise party for Granddad's birthday. Mason LOVED IT!!

Daddy and Maddox snuggs.

Mason insisted Maddox become a fireman. :)

FaceTiming each other across the living room.

Matt had a work meeting and they celebrated success sharing checks with a food truck!

Oh and Mason continued his love for the Snap...haha!


"School" is FUN!

Reading is, too!

"I hold Ma-Mix, Ma!"

So glad he's always around to protect me!

my boys

Oh boy I can hardly handle those rolls!


One morning brought a popcorn and movie date for Mason and me! It was the best!

About that same time, Matt was out on a delivery for work and he did his good deed for today!

We took pics at lunch to let him know we love him!

Matt and Mason had a quick library date. Mason was eating fake food and got "full full full!"

And then he got a real treat! Yay for free treats at Panera! Also, heaven forbid this guy actually looked at the camera.....


Wow, September is almost over now! See you soon, October!