Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019: Week 12

Someone was cold after breakfast and asked to snuggle up. ❤️

Look at these snuggle bugs. So sweet. Mason was so glad to see his Daddy after a few days without him! 

Maddox woke up from nap screaming so I got some snuggles, too! 

Brother time relaxing. 

We visited another Classical Conversations community and Mason did GREAT! 

He participated in the lesson and gave a presentation, too. 

We went to Airport park to play, walk and we all exercised some, too! :) 



All smiles before BSF! 

Sillies, too! 

Reading time with Daddy is a favorite for all three guys. 

Mason is wearing Mrs. Kris's old braves hat when he practices so I had to grab a picture. ❤️

These are Maddox's sunglasses. 😂

We babysat for friends last weekend and we all got snuggles. 


They installed a see-saw and we enjoyed some time on it!  

Bedtime stories! 

I had an interesting sunburn after Saturday's soccer practice with Mason. 

We all made it to church on time, too! 

Goodness...I love that view. 

It was a windy afternoon so we were able to fly the kite a bit! everyone enjoyed that. 

Monday morning smiles. Love these boys. 

Cutie pie. 

Matt took Maddox to the bathroom before we headed to bed and he woke up and was sad. so I got some night snuggles. Last picture with that thumb because he's giving it up! 

We've had some good days recently. So grateful! 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

St. Patrick's Day 2019

We woke up a little early on Sunday morning so we just made the best of it. We headed straight out to enjoy these sunrise views. 

We made a stop at Krispy Kreme!!! ALL of the donuts were green! The boys loved that. 

We headed from there to Greenville to go to the zoo. The skies were beautiful! 

The boys loved the zoo. It was a little chilly but all of the animals were up and active. It was awesome! 





After the zoo, we headed to Trader Joe's for some good options for Whole30 and then headed home. It was a great morning with my boys!