Friday, August 30, 2013

Luke and Kieran's Birthday

I'm hoping this video uploads correctly, if it doesn't, let me know!

This video is a quick blurb from our nephew's Luke and Kieran. For their birthday, we sent them a gift package that included a shirt for each of them with the Planes logo on it. We also made them custom tickets for the movie and sent money so that Holly and Mitch could take them to the movie. The video is their "thank you" to us. It is quite funny!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

I participated in the Cara Box exchange this month. I sent a box to Kayleigh. I received a box from Stephanie!

She sent me some of the cutest items. Please forgive the photo quality. Normally, I would have my photographer husband take them but he was working! 

Here's the overview

She included some baby wipes! 

One of my cravings: potato chips!

Two letters for the alphabet wall that we are doing in the nursery!

Sweet notes on the box as well as a sweet card inside!

Little bitty mittens for Baby Morgan and some CUTE outfits! 

I love it all. Thanks Stephanie! YOU ROCK!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Gift for Mom-Mom

When we were in Pennsylvania, on our last night, we went to Dairy Queen with Mom-Mom and Matt's cousin, Morgan. Mom-Mom got a S'more's Blizzard and she was SO disappointed. She said it didn't have enough marshmallow, graham cracker or chocolate. She cracked Matt and I up because she was going on about it. It was comical. That was one of our favorite memories of the trip.

For her birthday, we sent her a DQ gift card with one stipulation. She MUST make sure that they made a good blizzard for her when she used it.

Matt talked to her on her birthday and she thought the gift was great and she cracked up just like we did!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Recent Random Photos

You know, now that we have cell phones with cameras, it is crazy how many random pictures there are! Here are a few from the last several weeks. 

I saw this onesie at Carter's. I didn't purchase it but thought it was funny. 

Matt made semi-homemade donuts for dinner one night. YUM!

Matt's face after getting to feel baby move for the 1st time. 

We got these cute jammies/robes from GiGi. 1st Thanksgiving and 1st Christmas

We picked a pediatrician. And then we got mail from them. They send fun mail! :)

From that dreaded Glucose test

My handsome guy gave me flowers recently. They were so pretty! 

A little Sneak Peek at the crib

Baby Legs for the Coming Baby

This was a few weeks ago but BOY was I feeling pregnant that day! 

Told Matt I was going to take this picture of he and baby when the time came. HAHA!

I won a Walgreens Gift Card and 6 month supply of Diaper ointment through a Dr. Smith's giveaway. WOO! 

French Bread...handmade by Mr. Morgan; He has been doing a lot of cooking lately and I'm so grateful. 

I WANT THIS FOR BABY MORGAN! Matt's Mom is going to try to make it for us. 

Lots of good chats with my Dad recently. He's pretty excited about his grandchild #4. 

Christmas gift for my step-dad. It's a cutting board. Cracker Barrel for the WIN! 

Two recent baby gifts. Baby stuff is SOOO sweet! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Book Review {Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me}

Recently, I received the book, Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me to review from BookSneeze.

I was excited to receive this book because I've heard good things about it. This book is described as a memoir...of sorts.

The book is the story of how the author discovered his father was in the CIA as well as all of the stories that go along with that and just other stories from his life. The story is good but I've got to be honest, it was really hard for me to read. It's a bit wordy and was just a little hard for me to follow. I hope to re-visit this book in several months when I'm not pregnant or lacking sleep from being a new mom. I think I may enjoy it more then.

Thank you, Booksneeze for providing this book to me! I look forward to re-reading it later on!

I review for BookSneeze®

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Atlanta {BabyMoon & Birthday}

Last month, Matt and I decided to plan a trip for our BabyMoon as well as for my 29th birthday. We went back and forth regarding places we wanted to go. We considered Outer Banks, Savannah and a few other places. We decided on Atlanta because it is within 3 hours and we know we love it there. We were there from August 16th-18th. 

We were both able to get off Friday so we left Spartanburg about 10:15 and headed to Atlanta. Our first stop was Fogo De Chao which is a yummy Brazilian SteakHouse. It did not disappoint and we were both STUFFED when we left. 

Matt was FULL! 

They brought me Birthday dessert! 


On on drive, my Mom texted me and asked if we wanted tickets to the Braves game that night. My stepbrother has season tickets and since he was in Oklahoma at the hospital with my stepdad/his dad, he wasn't using them. We decided to go and it was a good choice! We checked into our hotel and headed to the game about 6:00. We got to see a little batting practice  and stayed for most of the game before we got too cold when it started misting. 

Ready for the game

Peach's 1st Baseball game

Love this guy!

We couldn't resist this pic of Peach in front of a Peach truck :)

Having fun! 

This little boy was there with his PopPop and they just made our night. His grandfather got him EVERYTHING he wanted!

Ready for Day 2 which included Sublime Donuts, IKEA x2, Lunch and shopping with Rick, Rachel and Charlie and chill time

Our donuts from Sublime Donuts. They were heavenly! 

We ate at Tin Drum Cafe with Rick, Rachel and Charlie who drove over from Birmingham. Here's Charlie with his Dad!

 Me and the cutest little Guy! 

Matt and Charlie; shortly after this he helped Charlie fall asleep. I call him the "Baby Whisperer" 

Me and Rachel. Love this girl! It had been WAY TOO long since we had seen each other! 

Last day, Peach had eaten lots of DONUTS!

Headed home! 

Matt had to stop for a treat from the Varsity

Having fun! 

We had such a good trip and now we are counting down to baby! Less than 12 weeks until due date!