Thursday, August 28, 2014

Louisiana Trip {August 2014} Day 10 & 11

This is it! Our last two days (actually1.5)  in Louisiana went quickly but sweetly! 
My little guy eating his breakfast on Friday morning. 

We got dressed and headed to Hammond to see Jill and Liam and go to the splash pad! 

The thought of the splash pad was actually better than getting to do it because the water came out so hard and fast that it scared Mason and was coming out too hard for them to play in it. Liam was looking at the camera but my little buddy? not so much! 

And here is where I document being at the splash pad by showing sub-par pictures of two boys moving around like crazy! 


We didn't stay long but overall it was fun. I just wish we had gotten more time with Jill and Liam! 
We headed to Raising Cane's to meet up with PawPaw. We lucked up big time! We walked in right at 11 when they opened and they had just renovated their dining room. They were offering the first 15 customers a free meal and we were all in the first 15. It was such fun! Free chicken for all! 

This was Mason's first time eating at Raising Cane's and he was a HUGE fan! 

And then pictures of Mason and PawPaw where neither are looking at the camera at the same time. story of this trip! 

Raising Cane's chicken wore Mason out. He took a quick nap from Hammond to Amite and then we made a quick stop by Mom's former office for a visit. Mason was the talk of the building. :)

Friday night was once again relaxed with lots of snuggles since it was our last night! 

Saturday morning brought morning snuggles in the bed with GiGi before we had to get ready for the big plane ride! 

My little love took a good nap before we left. 

And then he took a little cat nap on the way to the airport! 

We got all checked in at the airport and gave our last kisses/snuggles to GiGi. 

The first flight was successful and Mason enjoyed some fun time crawling on the floor in the Houston airport and picking up all of the germs! 

On our last flight, we sat next to a sweet grandmother who was returning home from a visit with her new grandbaby. It was super sweet and she was so helpful! Mason sat like a big boy and ate a few cheerios. 

Then he got restless and the flight attendant helped me out! 

The rest of the flight went well and then we got to see Daddy!!! 

It was such an awesome trip and we enjoyed every minute of it! We were sure glad to see Matt!!