Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 42}

Since a few special things took place this week, there aren't a ton of "extra" pictures for this post. 

One evening we grabbed donuts because it just seemed like the right idea to "cure what ailed us." 

Our church did a women's conference with an online option. I would have preferred in person but I had to work the next day and didn't want to be gone too long so I chose online. The set-up was pretty darn good! 

When I worked Saturday, Matt took the boys to hike and explore! 

War wound...

Pizza and Movie night Week 2 was a success! Apollo's and A Bug's Life! 

Sunday morning best! 

Matt and the boys went to Grandmom and Granddad's after church Sunday while I worked. They had the BEST visit! 

Monday was a BIG day! These two got their first library card!!! 


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

LEGO Sculptures at NC Aboretum

Many months ago we heard that the North Carolina Arboretum would have a display of LEGO sculptures in their gardens. We weren't sure we would be able to make it happen but we did! 

Last Tuesday, Matt took off of work early and we headed up into the mountains. It was a gorgeous day and perfect for catching the leaves turning. 

There were twelve sculptures to see. 

Matt's choice! 

This was my favorite...

The deer were Mason's favorites...

Maddox said all of them were his favorite. 

After we looked at all of the sculptures, we headed toward a nature trail. However, after a snack, we realized that we were probably good to just walk around the front area for a bit and then head home. It worked out well.