Wednesday, August 31, 2016

When Mountains Move by Julie Cantrell {A Book Review}

Let's see what's up next for review! When I read the quick synopsis of When Mountains Move by Julie Cantrell, it sounded like a book that's right up my alley. I was able to download the e-book straight to my kindle and I couldn't wait to get started. 

Ugh, you guys, I just did not like this book. I tried so hard to get into this book but it just wasn't happening. The story line about Bump, Millie and Oka just did not draw me in. I felt like the story was soooo slow. It took me days to get through each chapter. 

I'm going to be super honest here. I didn't even finish the book. I believe this is only the second time in my three plus years of reviewing books that I couldn't finish a book. I hate that I couldn't but it just is what it is. 

All of that said, I read several other reviews and most people who read this book gave it a thumbs up. So maybe it was just me? Also, it was a sequel and I didn't realize that until after I received it to review so that's my fault. 

I would say if you like Christian fiction, give it a shot. I am clearly in the minority here! 

Thank you, BookLook, for the free book to review!

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Bossy Flossy by Paulette Bogan {A Book Review}


Bossy Flossy appealed to me when I first received the e-mail with the option to review it. That little girl on the cover reminds me so much of me as a kid! And, maybe, just maybe, I was a little bossy too. I was so excited to read Bossy Flossy with Mason and we did just that as soon as it came in the mail.

The story of Bossy Flossy starts off telling about Flossy and just how bossy she was to each of the people she interacted with each day. Then she meets Edward and he's just as bossy as she is. He gives her a run for her money in the bossy category. Has she met her match? I have some positive and negative thoughts about this book.

Let's start with the positive. The illustrations are so fun! They are bright and colorful and they really draw you in to each page. Another pro was that Mason wanted to read the book often. It does also address how adults responded to/punished Flossy when she was bossy.

My negative thought is that I wasn't super pleased with the end of the story. I was hopeful when the story started that it would have a good resolution but I didn't feel like it did.  The book ends with Edward and Flossy walking off still bossing each other and that wasn't what I hoped for. 

That being said, I didn't think the book was all bad. I just added my own ending that I liked better. :) 




    I received this book for free is exchange for my honest review. 

The Morgan Boys & Mom

Just like I seem to take lots of pictures of my two boys, I seem to be taking almost as many of myself with my boys. And you know, I'm not sad about it! 

Let's see how cute we are! 
We often take pictures and send to Matt during the day while he is working and we send some to my mom, too. Mason loves cheesing and surely Maddox will, too! :)

Floor time is fun!

Mom and Maddox in the Mother's Room at church!

Mason and Mom!

Sometimes after nap you just need some snuggles!

I love my boys and I am SO grateful that I get to spend most of my days with them! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Morgan Boys {2}

It really doesn't surprise me at all but lately nearly all of my pictures are just snap shots of our boys during the day to day things of life. It's fun for me to look back over my pictures and realize that we may not have done a lot of extra-spectacular things but we certainly did enjoy our days. 

Now, don't get me wrong. We surely have some days that I am happy to see end! But for the most part, our lives are pretty darn good. And you know what? We thank God for that. 

One morning we met some friends at the park and we got home and this guy was worn out!! 

Later on that day, we pulled out all of our hats that Mason has outgrown and we tried them on Maddox. Maddox wasn't much of a fan but Mason and I sure got a kick out of it! We will wrap some of these up for Maddox for Christmas! We've gotta keep that little head warm in winter. :)



Mason just needed to get in on a picture. And don't you worry, he tried nearly all of the hats on, too. You know, just to prove that they didn't fit him anymore. :)

Brotherly love. I can hardly handle it some days! I know fights and fits are likely in our future but I stand firm in my belief that these boys will love each other forever.

When I sit on the couch and hold Maddox, he likes to be on his tummy resting on my stomach. So I have lots of shots like this. :) 

And yes, I think he favors me more every day!

Mason needed to take some selfies. :)


One morning when I was working, Matt sent me this shot. "Hi Mom, I'm busy!"

The coolest kids EVER!!!



This jungle mat is not likely to survive much longer! haha!

This was right after Maddox gave us his first laugh!! The sweetest moments!

Another Sunday morning in the mother's room. He loves it just like me! It won't be long and he will be in Wonder Way and I'll go back into the sanctuary but for now, this is just right!


Sweet love.

No more pictures, please!

The hair, oh the hair!

Wide-eyed in the morning!

Showing off his muscles! Big brother taught him how.

Some smiles!

Brothers together.

Pants on your head is just so funny to a two year old!


The little toothless smiles are just the best!


This little outfit is one of my favorite.

More Mason selfies. I guess this is a "thing" now. :)

I took this one day because I couldn't believe how HUGE he looks in his bouncer now!

More pictures while laying on me.

Think he favors his parents??

That's it for this edition of "The Morgan Boys!"