Monday, February 3, 2020

E & A's Skating Party!

This is the third year in a row that E and A have had their birthday at the skating rink. I believe it's tradition now and if they choose not to have one there next year, we will have withdrawals. 😂 It was a great time and I'm so grateful for this sweet family and for the girls turning SIX and TEN! 

 Just before the party, Maddox spiked a HIGH fever and he couldn't go. He was sooooo sad. It was awful so Mason and I represented as best we could. 



Friends helping friends. 

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 50}

Paw Patrol and snuggles while brother was at homeschool PE. 

A favorite game these days! 

Remember me saying he was hard to wake up?! 😂

We got this awesome playdoh kit for Mason's birthday. A sweet girl that lives locally makes them. The boys played for HOURS! 

More playdoh play...

This picture is a reminder of 6 months of 2nd Tuesday night dinners with Kris. There have been some incredibly sweet times. I'm so grateful. 

Video game time with Dad. 

We made it back to Chick-Fil-A story time. It's still a favorite. Playtime, story time, a craft and sometimes, food. 😉

Mason won the book! 

Mason asked for my help to put together a LEGO kit. I had NO idea how long that would take! 

More, post-nap time snuggles. 


For Maddox's half birthday, Matt was able to take the boys to the new pizza place in town, Sidewall Pizza. Everyone said it was fantastic! 

We got a package in the mail! What could it be!?!? 




NEW MUGS!!! Two of them covered with DONUTS! Our favorite! This was such a great treat from our cousin, Kay! 

Yep, can't stop with the sleeping pictures. He is in a different place every night. 

Using our new mugs! 


So. Much. Love. 


That combed over hair! 

He's a teenager now. 

Silly kid...

He's growing up. He made snack for everyone. 

They decorated with Monster Trucks...boy mom life. 😂