Friday, November 28, 2014

Happenings as of late...

I started looking through pictures as I was writing posts for Mason's birthday parties and I realized I had a lot of pictures that I haven't posted. These are all from different events of late but I wanted to include them anyway. :)

The day after Mason's birthday, Grandmom and Granddad invited us over for dinner. Mason got a little snuggle time in with Grandmom and we enjoyed a dinner of hotdogs, chili, and other yummies. We love Grandmom and Granddad so much! 

Matt has learned how to pull the drawer out of our end table and on this day, he sat in it. :)

Mason is obsessed with trying to get onto the couch or the chair. He uses our legs to push up. HAHA! 

My best guys. Mason was obviously totally into these pictures! 

We delivered our Operation Christmas Child box too. We had such a fun time filling our box and praying for the recipient. 

We've enjoyed time outside in this cooler weather. 

Mason is such a big helper at the grocery store. 

More outside time. Who doesn't love a box to play with...

We were able to go as a family to Mason's 1 year well check. Love my guys. 

More fun times with Dad including a little back rub. 

Matching fellas

More fun with the table drawer...silly boy

A trip to Academy with Daddy to explore. 

Pizza night for us! Homemade with peppers and caramelized onions. YUM! 

Big Boy riding in the Target cart

And even more outside time with our best girl, Skylar

Sometimes, I just need to rock my boy to sleep. 

We moved on from the table drawer to the toy basket. 

We enjoyed an afternoon walk with some of our MOMS club friends including, Anna and Emily. 

Free strawberry ice cream cone from Brusters! After this night, we assume he prefers vanilla to strawberry. We will try chocolate next time! 

I got a box with a Christmas gift inside of it and Mason loved the box! 

Fun time with Daddy including another night of being rocked to sleep. 

Sometimes before bed we need to watch a little Dinosaur train. 

We took a trip to Louisiana and Mason was such a good travel buddy! 

We celebrated Mason's birthday party in Louisiana. Here are a few extra pictures from that day. 
Love my man! 

Opening presents with our little guy! 

My mom had a giftcard for a free pedicure that she wasn't going to use so she gave it to me. I enjoyed the pampering! 

Menchies frozen yogurt with Daddy

A few snuggles with PawPaw.

An attempt at a family selfie...not our best effort. 

A nighttime cupcake

We made a stop in IKEA in Atlanta and we LOVED this moose. We will have to purchase it one day! 

And lots of play time at home once GiGi returned with us. 

Also, on our return trip from Louisiana we stayed in a hotel and we accidentally left our new Curious George that GiGi gave Mason and thankfully, Rachel was able to pick it up and return it to us! 

Love my best boy! 

Wearing Daddy's hat

A little afternoon swing with Granddad! 

We went to some new friends' house and played board game. We had such a fun time! 

We are loving having GiGi and are keeping our days busy with few pictures. Love my family!