Monday, April 30, 2018

Coach Wooden's Forgotten Teams by Pat Williams {A Book Review}

Coach Wooden's Forgotten Teams: Stories and Lessons from John Wooden's Summer Basketball Camps by Pat Williams was a surprise book choice for me. I didn't play basketball in high school but I was the manager of the girl's basketball team so I spent plenty of time around basketball. 

I was drawn to this book for the above reason but also because I was interested in what the stories and lessons from John Wooden would be. I have to say, I was NOT disappointed in this book. While it is obviously based on lessons learned from basketball and the greatest basketball coach, John Wooden, it was about so much more than that. 

Coach Wooden was a basketball coach but he was also a person who believed in raising leaders above all. I think that anyone and everyone could benefit from the lessons taught in this book. I learned a great deal with the main thing that was magnified was the importance of good character over everything. Sure, you can be the best athlete on your team but if your character is poor, well, it doesn't mean a thing. I think this resonated with me because this is a huge part of how we are trying to raise our boys to become men. 

I recommend this book for basketball leaders, coaches, etc but also just for someone who would like some good ole lessons in their life! 

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher.**

Maddox and Mom Date {April 2018}

Friday night, Matt took Mason on a date to Spring Fling. We typically all go but this year we switched it up. That meant that Maddox and I had a date at home! 
Before Matt and Mason left, I ran to Zaxby's to use a gift card and grab dinner for Maddox and me. So yummy! 

After we ate, we went outside where Maddox enjoyed sweet tea and ice for nearly 45 minutes. He was as happy as he could be. 


I tried to sneak in some pictures. He was kinda feeling it. haha!

Love this one...


We blew bubbles for a bit and just played.


Then we took a little walk. 

His hair was bothering him so he asked for a ponytail holder. :)

Then a snack. :)

We had the best time! 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {8}

One night at dinner, I started singing the song "I'm Still Standing" and Mason said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Well, I don't think I did a very good job keeping up with these this month. Maddox has had a bit of a rough month behaviorally as well as teeth-related so that's been rough. He has been glued to Momma and I've loved that but it's also be hard. 

He is also saying lots of single words and putting more two word utterances together. He's got a little lisp that while I think it a bit cute, I hope ends soon! 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mason Says & Does {28}

Conversation with Matt:
"Are the Phillies PopPop's favorite team?"
"Then they are my favorite team, too, since you and PopPop love them!"

Matt took boys to Aldi for snacks for the road trip and they had our favorite cashier. She told Mason that she had missed them and he said, completely cool, "Yeah, we were out of town." 😂

We were walking out of the door for our trip to Louisiana and Mason looks up at the fridge and sees the calendar. "Hey! That says 'zoo'". I was like whattttt and he said, "yes, see, z o o, zoo!" Guess it's time to write in code now!

When Matt did something very silly, he yells out the car window to him: "That is a joke! You are a rascal!"

Mom gave us a hand-me-down TV. Upon seeing it, Mason said: "This TV is gorgeous and huge!"

Mason had some listening issues one morning. I told him we needed to get it back on track. He said "Okay, Mom. I was listening so well before I got out of bed."

When Mom was visiting, Mason called her Miss GiGi.

When a lady was walking down the street, he said "Look at that pretty lady!"

When we told him he needed to have his ears cleaned after bath: "I'm always good at that!" And the truth is, he is NOT good at that. He cannot stand it and carries on the whole time!

What is GiGi's favorite restaurant in Spartanburg? "Winnnnn Dixie!"

Mason, can you drive GiGi to the airport?
"MOM! I can't. I have soccer." \

"That is freaking me out." 😂

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Favorite Children's Books {10}

Well, I had all intentions of giving a bit of a synopsis of each book but I'm tired today so I'll just share the covers of some of our favorite finds this month!