Friday, August 31, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {12}

"Berry Berry Cold!"

"Berry Berry gentle"

While changing his diaper one day, he yells "poo poo stinks!" yep, sure does, Bud. 

Currently loving the song "Johnny B Goode"

While in a public restroom recently, Maddox reached down, rubbed his finger on the floor and licked it before I could stop him. 😳😳😳

At LEGO block party, Maddox put a LEGO man in timeout. I asked why and he said the man hit. I told him to tell him to be kind. He turns and says "Be Kind. Be Kind." 😍

Mason showed his coloring sheet to Maddox and Maddox said, "Awesome!"

We were listening to some songs from her church and Maddox was yelling "Ecclesiastes!"

Thursday, August 30, 2018

I Can Only Imagine for Little Ones by Bart Millard {A Children's Book Review}

I Can Only Imagine for Little Ones: A Friendship with Jesus Now and Forever by Bart Millard came at just the right time as my mom and I just finished watching the new movie, I Can Only Imagine. We need another children's book in our house like we need a hole in our heads but we just can't resist these great ones!!

First, I LOVE the illustrations in this book. The pictures are crisp and bright and engaging. That is always a huge plus for a children's book in our house!

Second, the book asks questions about what it may be like in heaven. The writer wonders what God may be like, what things there may be in heaven, etc. I think questions like this are incredible. It can be hard to discuss heaven with little ones because it is often addressed with someone dies. I think this book is a great resource for talking about heaven and will be good to visit in the instance that we have a family member/friend pass away. 

Also, I highly recommend seeing the movie if you haven't! 

Thank you, BookLook Bloggers for this book! 

Mason Says & Does {32}

We saw a rainbow one afternoon. Mason said, "Did Jesus sent that? We told him that he did and asked him why God sends rainbows. "So we know he won't flood the earth again." 😭

At the park, Masons stood at the top of a structure and re-enacted the scene from Lion King. Yep, he's awesome!

Mason is in quite a hurry to turn 5. The time is fast approaching and now he doesn't say he can do certain things because he's strong or whatever. Most often, it is "because I'm almost 5."

Matt texted one day when he had the boys at CFA play place and said the following:
"Mason is like the play place rules man. Two new boys came in. 'You need to take your shoes off but leave on your socks. These boots are our packages that we are taking to South America. Let's play!' Love it! 

We got a book from the library that teaches you how to draw various dinosaurs. I drew one while Mason was resting and asked Matt to tell me Mason's reaction of my t-rex. Mason's response: It's a really nice iguanodon" 😑

Mason asked if I had a mom. He know's who she is and what her name is but I played along. He named 10 different people and then I said, "Silly, it's GiGi." He said "No. GiGi is a superhero! Her superpower is that she is FAST!" 😂

While out playing in the pool in the yard, he was running a soup and lemonade stand. 😍

"Now that Maddox can say my name correctly, I will definitely hand him magazines!" This is said in response to suddenly handing Maddox magazines in the car while we are driving.

Gave Mason his grapes not he vine/stem and he said "grapes on the cob" 😂

Mason was watching muffins bake and he said, "The Muffins are bubbling up! Bubbling up with happiness!" 😂

Mason came out of his room during rest time and I asked what he needed. "I just came out to get my water for I to stay hydrated."

On the day we went to get GiGi from the airport for her visit, Mason said, "I wish I was GiGi's son because I wish I could fly on an airplane."  Guess that would do it? 😏

When Mason caught a caterpillar one afternoon, he said, "I'm about to cry because it's so cute!"

"Mom, I took a sip of water and then I spit it on the grass to help the grass grow." Well, there ya go! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Favorite Children's Books {12}

For the next installment of some of our favorite books, let's start with this one! This book is wordless but the pictures tell and incredible story of a girl who was alone/ostracized at school and a new friend changed that. I LOVED this one! 

If you have any dino-loving children, these books are great! While I was a bit hesitant at first for the negative behaviors presented, they turn it around about mid-way of each book to point out positive behaviors and I think that's awesome. The boys love these, too! 

A sweet puppy dog sends letters in the mail to find a home and in an unexpected way, he does! 

Oh boy, what kid doesn't love a potty book!?! 

Whoa, this one was some heavy info while also being relatable and understandable for kids. These types of books are SO important to help our kids understand history. 

These are a few books that are more in depth about dinosaurs. A bit advanced for both boys but we just read what was relatable. 

And I mean, who doesn't want to learn about sharks!?! 

A friend is in need and he's afraid of the one friend trying to help him. How will that turn out!? 

This book has been GREAT for Mason! He's not much into drawing and coloring but this has encouraged that for him. 

A cute book about befriending those who are different that us. I liked this story a lot. 

A neat book about the work of honeybees. 

Okay, listen! This series of books is incredible. We have read Who Was Amelia Earhart?, Who Was Blackbeard? and Who Was Jesus? And they are all great. Perfect chapter books for younger kids with pictures but great historical information, too. Highly recommend! 

This book was one the boys especially liked because animals. :) It was a cute story about dogs trying to change something and then just making it work. Good life lesson in there, too. 

A little pumpkin with no home finds just what he needs/wants. 

Hilarious! But also so sweet, too. Friends helping other friends and learning that sometimes, it's okay to just be grumpy. 

Oh man, the five little money are mischievous and funny. 

A FUN musical book that everyone will love! 

Just a fun Halloween-themed book. 

This book was neat. Eppie has an allergy and this book presented that allergy and how it affected her and her friends and then gave solutions as to how to address that. I really liked this one. 

A CUTE book about pups, counting etc. Fun fun! 

Oh boy, a zoo adventure gone awry. 

Oh boy...this cow LOVED pears and it was a funny situation. This one is incredibly silly! 

Hands down, favorite book of this post. Mixed shares a story about segregation through the story of colors. This book was just 😭😭😭 for me. Also, in the end, Mason said, "I'm so glad we live in a world where there aren't just three colors." Me, too. Me, too. 

This series of books is incredible as well. Little People, Big Dreams shared the biographies of nearly 20 women in history and my boys can't turn the pages fast enough! 

Silly, silly stories about nuts. :) 

A fun rhyming book about animals. Both boys have asked for this one over and over. 

This little boy finds something that smells terrible. In the end, what will it be?!? 

The next post will be loaded because GiGi has been here and she and the Morgan boys have probably read 75+ books!! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Morgan Boys And GiGi {August 2018}

Each time GiGi visits we try to get some new pictures with the boys and her. This trip, we weren't sure any of them would turn out because these boys are WILD! However, we got a few and I LOVE them!! 

Goofballs 100% 

Sooooo handsome! And beautiful! 

Just a girl and her Momma! 

We did this one because Mom is always waving in pictures. It just seemed appropriate.