Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Maddox Says & Does {26}

-While out with Matt and before leaving to come home..."Let's sit and chat for a while" 

-He was carrying on one day about "day care" and I could not figure out what he was talking about. He meant URGENT care. 😂

-Maddox: I wish we had gone to Happy Hollow more before the virus. I miss it because it has monkey bars and hiding spots. 

Mason: We didn't get to because Marcus and Maxwell died right before the virus and we weren't going out much." 


-Mason came into the room with a light saber. Maddox said "Don't hurt Mama. I love her!" 

-"Man, these grits are good!" 

-Maddox is learning specific sounds and I asked him one he'd missed. He straight up said, "I Don't knooooowwwww." 

-Boys were playing trains one day. Maddox: No, don't put the mom. They don't like the mom. Me: Why don't they like the mom? Maddox: Just because. It's a different family. Not like ours.

-When we did The Morgan Hotel, Maddox said "How did you set this up already?!?" 😍

-While playing one day, Maddox said "I've got my old school cell phone in case someone needs to call me." 🤣

-One morning, I was in the bathroom when Maddox finished breakfast. I came out to find all of his dishes in the sink! First time unprompted. 🎉

-Maddox one morning during school: this part of my school is soooooo boring. 

-One evening I asked Maddox to finish his zucchini. "Listen, I haven't even start it yet." 😂

-Maddox asked to work on counting so I went to start giving him numbers to trace. He said "No start with 5 so I can blast off like a rocket!" 

-Maddox trying to choose underwear. "Eenie Meanie Money Mo. Catch a together by a green lantern." 😂

-Maddox said when he grows up he is going to change his name to John even though some people might still call him Maddox.

-At bedtime one night, Maddox said "well, I'm hungry for 6 things. Cheese, toast, bacon, water, banana and candy." 

-"Mom when you and Dad got married were fishing poles just a rope with a hook on the end? Way back then..." 😂

-He has been very bothered that his name can't start with a lowercase M instead of a capital M. 

-Maddox who wears glasses said "Let me look for it, I have better eyesight." 

-"Mom, did you know you can use three 1s and make an H? Two that are straight up and down and one left and right." 

-"Males are boys and females are girls." 

-When we put out Halloween/Fall decorations, Maddox called them falloween decorations. 

-"Have a nice fake-o-ween." 

-In the below picture..."I love you, Mason." 

-I asked Maddox for a hug and a kiss and as he walked out the door, he said, "Nope. that's not happening." 😂

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Mason Says & Does {45}

-Me: Mason, do you have anything in your seat?

Mason: Just a napkin, a larabar wrapper, another larabar wrapper,  straw paper, and that's all" 

Me: 😂😂😂

-Maddox: I wish we had gone to Happy Hollow more before the virus. I miss it because it has monkey bars and hiding spots. 

Mason: We didn't get to because Marcus and Maxwell died right before the virus and we weren't going out much." 


-"Today, I'm thankful for the word 'knucklehead". 😂

-Mason had 3 cents. "Can we go to the closest store for me to buy something!?!" 

-"Fact: Puffer fish have enough poison to kill 30 humans." then he walked out of the room. 

-While passing a 7-11, "Dad can we get a big gulp? They are only 49 cents!" 

-Mason went to bed one night asking "Can we take a nap tomorrow?" 😂

-Mason came out of his room and said "My roommate needs to go to the bathroom." That'd be Maddox. 

-Me: Mason is that all you need? Mason: yes. for now. 😂

-When we did The Morgan Hotel, Mason said "Thanks for this." ❤️

-For the room service, Mason said "Can you tell me what the sausage looks like?" 😂

-"Fog is just a cumulus cloud near the ground." 

-Regarding a shirt, "Can you inside this out?" 

-While sitting outside watching cars go by and just relaxing "This is the best day of our lives!" 😍

-When asked to fill out his poster for kids club, he wrote this "I am a star because of my cool muscles." 

-Mason and I were going through math problems and I said, "Is that right?" He said "well, by the sound of your voice, I'm guessing no." 😂😂

-Matt was asked by Mason if he would prefer a four wheelers, dirt bike, an x-wing or a Snow Speeder. 😍

-The boys were going through the house opening every door and closer and yelling "Aha!" looking for a creature or a robber. 

-While learning about caterpillars and butterflies, the boys laughed uncontrollably every time I said "pupa" Boys...

-I told the boys there was no crying on my birthday. Mason said "What!?! Not even if I lose a foot?!?!" 😂

-Me: Mason, don't come in my room during rest time unless it's an emergency. I'm going to take a nap today. 45 minutes later, Mason shows up at the door whispering: Mommmmmmmm did you know a dolphin in a mammal?! I laughed and asked if that was an emergency. Then later, I asked him if he'd seen the mailman during rest time. He said "Yes but it wasn't an emergency so I didn't tell you." 😂😂😂

-Mason: Mom, do you know where frisbees were invented? 
Me: no....
Mason: at a frisbee factory. 

-One night at bedtime, Mason informed Matt that he was already growing a mustache. Matt thought he was joking and almost laughed but then realized he was serious. Mason then said "He can already see some hair there." aka. peach fuzz. 😍😍

-Maddox made a joke and we were all cackling. Mason said "You finally made a joke that made me laugh." 😂

Monday, September 28, 2020

The Morgan's Movements 2020 {Week 36}

This cutie has been napping again and he's just so cute when he wakes up! 

Pretend napper. 😂

We had a playdate with some of our friends. One of the first in MONTHS and it was good for the soul. 

The boys did some noodle art and had the best time with it. Maddox made a person! 

Mason did a few abstract ones, a spider web and an alien face. 

We also got to see Grandmom and Granddad's new chickens! 


I think he was faking it here. 

This isn't the best picture but this is our new family member! He has taken up residence on our front window and as of this posting has been there for nearly 3 weeks! We've seen him molt and eat some BIG creatures! 

Worn out!! 

There he is again! 


Never gets old. 

Cozied up with Dad. 

This was when he molted. I thought he had died. It scared me. He was just growing. ❤️


My 36th Birthday!

August 29th was my 36th birthday! We celebrated all weekend starting Friday afternoon! We ordered some amazing cookie sandwiches from a local teenager and we knew we wanted to eat them fresh so we did! My guys sang to me and we were all glad to dive in! Yes, they were huge and Matt and I totally should have shared one. 😂

So good. 

We watched a movie that afternoon and Maddox was obviously comfy. 

Saturday was a relaxing day and I received gifts and love and messages and such. I've included screen shots of some of the wishes here. 

My guys made me stay in bed and brought the balloons in, sang and brought presents and cards! We try to save any cards that come in the mail for the actual birthday so I got to open those, too. 

This was the fort I mentioned in another post. Didn't realize we started it on my birthday. It provided hours of entertainment especially for the boys. ❤️❤️

We also did an M&M Taste test at some point in that weekend. That was fun! 

We took the boys to the new bike park at the Rail Trail and they had a blast!! Most of what I captured was on video so these will hold space for that. 

It was just a good weekend overall and I felt very loved. Matt and the boys always do a good job of that!