Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter 2016

Second post up for today. I wanted to share about our Easter. :) 
Like I said earlier in the week, we attended church Saturday night instead of Sunday morning and that ended up being an excellent decision for us. 
We got a few pictures of our little guy with Matt's camera before church and we will post those another time soon. 
Here he is at church! 

Mason and Dad...this was after church which was after bedtime and Mason was kind of over it. :)

See? ;-)

Hey! that ones a little better! :)

Since we attended church Saturday night, Sunday  morning got a slow start and our whole Easter day was relaxing and it was beautiful. We got Mason up and had some eggs out for him to find. I must confess that I filled all of the eggs with candy that Mason had already found at egg hunts previously. Haha! Guess what? he didn't have a clue and he was just as excited.

My other bunny :)

It became comical as Mason hunted because he wanted to open each egg before moving on. We did convince him to find them all and then look.

We had a little basket for him which included three books, a matching game, a puzzle and a car...consignment sale finds for the win!

We made resurrection rolls together and had a yummy breakfast. After breakfast, lots of relaxing began. Mason got snuggled up to Matt at one point, propped his leg up and requested that his belly be rubbed. :)

For lunch, we had planned for pizza but to our surprise, Little Caesars was closed so we got take out Bojangles instead. That ended up being a better idea because it was a great deal and we had lots left for lunches later in the week. WIN!

Mason took an excellent nap...can you see how relaxed he was?!?

It rained nearly the whole day so we took full advantage of it. We had leftovers for dinner and once Mason was in bed for the night, Matt and I caught up on a show and he got his birthday backrub. 

It was a beautiful day and it was fun to talk to Mason throughout the day about what Easter really means. Good stuff. 


MOPS Egg Hunt

Last week I shared about our MOMS club egg hunt and then we got to have an egg hunt with MOPS. By this point, Mason was a old pro at the hunting thing. 
Ready to go!



We enjoyed seeing so many of our MOPS friends. Mason found lots of good eggs and he got to jump in a bounce house, too!

Please listen to that sweet boy opening his eggs! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fun with our buddy, A!

This past week, we got luck enough to have our buddy, A, come over to play twice! Mason and A are so cute together and they really enjoyed each other. :)
Wednesday afternoon was our first adventure and it required snacks...duh!

After/during snack, there were ant sightings followed by spitting on ants. Ha!

Then, SAND!!

And a little lawn-mowing. Free labor from 2 year old isn't a bad deal.

Pools outside? nah! Pools inside.


Drawing is FUN!

Friday morning brought more A fun! These two are characters and I love it so! 
Coloring was first on the agenda.



Sunglasses were necessary on this beautiful sunny day!

Outside fun can wear you out and books are the perfect respite. :)

Thank you, Kris, for sharing A with us. We love her so!!