Friday, June 28, 2019

Bible Workbooks {Volume 1 Old Testament and Volume 2 New Testament}

I was truly thrilled to receive these two bible workbooks by Catherine B. Walker. There are two volumes, one is the Old Testament and one is the New Testament. I want to start with a disclaimer: I have not completed the entirety of these workbooks at this time but I am looking forward to that in the very near future!

First, these workbooks can easily fit into a binder which I think is great. The pages are perforated so you can tear them out or  put the workbook itself directly into a binder. That will make these easy to transport if needed. 

I also love the way the workbooks are designed. They go in order of each testament and are written to allow you space to answer questions, fill in blanks, etc. Through my perusing, I can already tell that there is going to be some major depth of knowledge exposed through these little books. 

Catherine Walker stated regarding these books: It is my prayer that all who use these books will be guided by them into a deeper, more personal, knowledge of the living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as the written Word, the Bible,” 

Catherine designed these books to encourage students to want to know more. These are not exhaustive studies but a way to help us understand how and why the Bible is written and get our thoughts moving in the right direction. 

As we prepare to homeschool beginning within the next week, I foresee these being helpful for me as I learn how to teach the boys about the Bible in a practical way. 

Thank you, SideDoor Communications and Moody Publishers for these great resources!