Saturday, March 31, 2012

Matt's Golden Birthday!

March 26th was Matt's Golden Birthday. We celebrated big :)

Matt's first gift was a this candy bouquet. I made it for him with all of his favorite candy.

On Saturday morning, we ran by his grandparents to pick up the gifts I ordered for him and had shipped to them. And then we got on the road to Columbia to spend the day/night there. It was such a great trip.

I drove on the way there and Matt got some pictures on the drive. We took the scenic route.

The whole ride there it looked like it was going to rain but it never did and we got to spend several hours at the zoo. 

This was a 5 legged was in the air

 Matt got to feed the goats. 

This Darth Vader figurine was the 5th lost item we had seen in the zoo that day. We joked that we should have taken more pictures and made a post just for lost items! 

After the zoo, we went back to the hotel room and chilled out for a bit and then we got dressed for dinner. Here we are all jazzed up :) 

After our great dinner, we headed to see the cute! 

On Matt's birthday, we chilled out at home and I made him breakfast in bed. Waffles with homemade whipped cream and homemade salted caramel sauce. Happy Husband!

Overall good time...and as a final thought/picture...Here is Matt acting crazy at the hotel wearing the bedspread over his shorts. Crazy Birthday boy! 

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Pin the Tail on the Donkey

When Matt's family was here, we had a little "party" to celebrate Matt's birthday since they were all here. It was fun. We even played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and sang "Happy Birthday". Here are a few pictures!

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Did YOU Hear About the Morgans?

National Championship Game

Matt and I were excited to watch the National Championship game together. Although it didn't turn out like we hoped. We still enjoyed it. See...


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Did YOU Hear about the Morgans? 

Our First Christmas!

I know this post is significantly delayed but Matt has been working on some other photography projects and had just not gotten around to uploading our Christmas pictures and sharing them.

We decided to stay at home this year and spend Christmas just the two of us since it was our first Christmas married. We had a super fun morning opening the gifts we had chosen for each other. We limited ourselves to $125 each and we each made a list of things we wanted, needed and a gift that represented Christmas to us. It was a great way to do it and I think we will keep it up for sure.

After we opened gifts and had yummy breakfast, we spent the day lounging, napping, playing board games and enjoying time together. All together GREAT Christmas!

Here are some pictures from that day and the couple of days before.

Matt got me some new scented oils for my oil burner. WOO!

 Matt got Jones soda...his faves

I got some warm fuzzy socks and they are part!

 Mom sent us this ornament

Here it is on our tree

Matt got some flashlights because we didn't have any! 

An ice cream scooper to be used when making cupcakes!

EEEKKK the latest Karen Kingsbury book

All the fixins' for Hot Cocoa

Matt got a "gift card" for a tripod for his photography business

A new belt

A pink pair of socks. I was pumped!

The Mister got some new house shoes

A new children's book...the 12 days of Christmas in South Carolina
Fun book!

New track pants

A new ice's the little things

Matt's mom made these mug "sweaters" for one of my gifts for Matt. He likes them. 

My calendar/agenda...I have loved this gift!

A gift card for a steak of Matt's choice. He chose Ribeye with creamy shrimp parmesan sauce

My handmade earrings. Not the best picture but I LOVE THEM!

Matt's "mixed tape"

My Willow Tree ornament. LOVE

I donated 2 soccer balls to underprivileged children in Matt's honor

AND Matt got me a HIPPOPOTAMUS! 

Matt's new photography book

Posing with the tree :)

Matt's turn

I was so proud of our tree. LOVED IT!

Christmas day photo...hahaha

Love this man!

Merry Christmas in March!

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