Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {5}

Lots of new words coming out of little guy's mouth right now:
**I basically had to stop keeping track because he is saying so many new words. At least one every day!**

He has started to pull hair some and we have sent him to his bed to timeout. A couple of times, he pulled hair and then ran to his room yelling "Bed!" Super affective....

While looking at a book pointing out things, he said, "di di" for dinosaur and "daa" for dog. :)

When we were outside one afternoon, every time I stopped pulling the wagon, he would say "walk walk walk" 😂😂

Now knows when we drive up at Home Depot where we are and starts chanting "Dadadadada!"

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lullaby Road by James Anderson {A Book Review}

Oh man! Lullaby Road by James Anderson is definitely one of those edge of your seats type of books that also make you lean all the way back because you have no idea who you could be introduced next or what could happen! 

The majority of Lullaby Road takes place over the course of 3-4 days when Ben, a Utah truck driver, is greeted one morning by quite a surprise visitor who he is asked to take care of for a bit. He loads the visitor plus more into his trailer and begins down highway 117. He encounters obstacle after obstacle all while introducing us to the characters who live along this interesting stretch of road.

As he travels and introduces us, he also becomes part of the stories taking place in their lives and tries to help solve their mysteries all while trying to solve one of his own. In the end, some of the mysteries are solved while others are not. That part was a bit difficult for me but I'm guessing he is leaving room to set-up a sequel. 

I really did enjoy this book. It's a bit heavier than my typical read but it wasn't so dark that I couldn't handle it. I liked the main character who had turned his life around and was working to help his customers along highway 117 all while reminding them that he didn't take any crap from anybody. 

The main storyline that follows the surprise visitor we are introduced to on the first few pages was a hard one for me. Again, I wanted to understand a bit more and the book does leave some of that to the imagination. I also learned after reading that this is a book following The Never-Open Dessert Diner. I may would go back to read that but I didn't feel like the book was impossible for me to follow without it. 

If you enjoy suspenseful fiction, I definitely recommend checking this book out. There is a bit of language but it wasn't overwhelming in the book. 

**I received this book from Blogging for Books. This is my honest opinion.**

Mason Says & Does {25}

When I tried to move the stuffed animals around in his bed: "No mom, they have to be under the blanket. It's cold out there!"

I believe I know someone who works in that building. His name is Publix Redlight. 😂

I showed Mason pictures from something we had done that day. He said, "Those are the cutest pictures I've ever seen!"

While checking out grills at Home Depot. "I think I could cook 11 cheeseburgers on this one. It's SO big!"

When he saw the computer out one afternoon, "OH I need to type a book for Maddox for Christmas!"

"Go tell it on the mountain. Jesus Christ is everywhere! Go tell it on the mountain. Jesus Christ is well!" I like his version!

"I'm a teenager and I'm fifteen years old!"

Matt took Mason to the park for a date and they ended up staying for 3.5 hours and had the best time. On the way home, Matt overheard Mason praying in the backseat, "God thank you for a date with Daddy to Cleveland park." 😭😭😭 When you're doing something right!

Matt turned on the oven and Mason said, "Dad, what are we having?" Matt said lasagna and Mason responded "YUMMMMMM!!"

Song says "I want to be fearless." Mason says "I want to be Felix!" 😂

One night while praying before dinner, Mason said, "Thank you, Jesus, for dying for our sins." 😭😭

When walking around Home Depot one day, Mason asked what a particular plant was. I told him it was a succulent and he said, "Because they suck us in sometimes?!" 😂

Mason now asks for a "courtesy wipe" after potting. 😳😳😳

When Matt came out of Mason's room one day, Mason put his hand up and said, "Ummm you forgot to do something in my room. Turn off the light." Yeah, guess he's heard us say that a few times!

When heading to our next stop one day, Mason needed to pee fast. We made it to the bathroom and he said, "That was fast driving, fast parking and fast getting my pants down. Thanks, guys!" 😂

Monday, January 29, 2018

Family Fun Day {Fire Museum and more!}

I mentioned recently that Matt had some vacation days to use in January and this past Friday was his last vacation day. We lived it to the fullest and went for an adventure day! 
We first drove to York and stopped for donuts at Rainbow Donuts. 
Everyone was pretty darn happy about that! 



Love us! 

Our next stop was The Rock Hill Fire Station Museum! The boys didn't know we were going and they were so excited when we got there! 

Maddox was ticked that we stopped for pictures instead of going straight in. 😂😂

The museum had so many cool interactive areas and we stayed for nearly 2 hours while the boys played! There was a fire truck display they could drive, a real ambulance with stretcher and EMT tools for them to use and more. I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

Water bucket brigade



They had turnout gear for the kids and each took turns wearing some. 


Matt slid down the fire pole. 😂

Maddox did the short version of it. :) 

We checked out Fountain Park across the street from the museum and it was beautiful! 



After that, we headed to Sonny's Dutch Mill for burgers and hot dogs. It was so delicious! 

We headed to look at something else and instead that, we found machines!! Dump trucks and front loaders and they were working. Mason was pumped! 

We made a few stops on our way home and then everyone was ready to stretch their legs and play when we did get home. :) 

We ended the day with CiCi's pizza and an episode of Llama Llama on Netflix!