Monday, June 29, 2015

Open Letters {1}

I used to love, love, love writing my open letters posts so I'm bringing it back! 

Dear Matthew, Thank you for always being the car seat putter inner and taker outer. It is awesome! 

Dear Air Conditioning, Thank you for existing because it is freakin' hot! 

Dear Review Campaigns, You rock! I'm looking forward to the fun products that are coming our way!

Dear MOMS Club, You are awesome! I've made some awesome friends and so has Mason. Also, the blessings shared between the moms are just so cool!

Dear GiGi, you will be here in 17 days!!

Dear Louisiana, I will see you in 28 days! WOOOO!!!

Dear Mason, I'm so sorry that your arm got stuck in between the slats of your crib the other morning and that I didn't realize it. Thank you for being an awesome kid!

That's all for today! More to come!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Our Blue Apron Experience

A friend in our MOMS club subscribes to Blue Apron and she posted that she had invites for two free weeks. I jumped on that and it was so fun! Matt and I had an at home date night and made Seared Steak with Radishes and Snap Peas, Mashed Potatoes, and a lemon pepper sauce. 

All of the ingredients come in the refrigerated box and you just follow the easy step by step word/picture recipe and cook it up! 

My main man cooking away! 

And me taking my turn! 

You guys! It was sooooo good! 


Happy Dating Couple! 

We enjoyed this experience so much. We have only made 1/2 of the other meals. We enjoyed it, too! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day {2015}

Father's Day 2015 was pretty low key because Matt had to work. On Saturday night, Mason gave Matt a couple of gifts. Mason gave him a baseball trivia book and a pair of lounge shorts. On Sunday morning, Mason gave him a little drawing he made him and Matt loved it. 

For breakfast, we had donuts for the man of the day and we got ready for church. Matt, unfortunately, had to work at 10:00 so he only got to be at church for 30 minutes. It was a bummer BUT it was our last Sunday for Matt to have to work during church because he starts a new schedule and a new position. YAY! And after this weekend, it's his last weekend to work so we are looking forward to weekends together as a family. 

Anyway, back to Father's Day. I tried to snap a few pictures before church. We cracked up at this because this is real fatherhood: wiping Mason's nose before a picture. HAH!

Look at the adoration on our little guy's face for his Daddy! 

Sweet smiles! 

At church, they had some manly cars displayed and Mason loved that! 

Momma was there, too! 

We tried to get a picture all together as a family and the positive thing is that we are all three in the picture. Other than that, well, they speak for themselves. haha! 

Look at that cheesin' albeit blurry grin. 

At Matt's lunch break, he and Mason played superheroes with our "new" pillow case capes!

Matt headed back into work and Mason and I headed outside to play in his new sandbox. We only lasted 45 minutes in the shade because it was so hot! 

He needed to take his clothes off to cool down. Boys...

And then, we had some fun! 

We sure love Matt and are so glad he's the Dad in this house! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Mid-June 2015}

You guys!! It has been so hot here! It's usually hot in the summer months (duh) but these last couple of weeks have been stifling and it has felt like our AC can't keep up, we are sweating within seconds of walking outside and the breeze disappeared! We are learning to adapt and figure out a summer schedule, nonetheless! 

Let's see what we have been up to these days. :)

Matt and Mason have been doing "guy things" including racing cars in the house. ;-)

More storytime! The perfect indoor activity for a hot day. 

Some snuggles after naps. :)

We got to go to the park one morning with MOMS Club and Mason had a blast with his best buddy! 

These are adaptive swings for those children who need a little more support and these kids love them, too. 

We had a couple of special lunches and snacks in the living room. 

I worked several mornings/days lately and Matt and Mason always have such fun when I'm away. I love that my guy loves our sweet boy so much! 

Matt and I had an at home pizza date with a pizza from Aldi. This 16" pizza is only $6!! 

The coolest kid I know. He was styling for church and wore his glasses through most of church, in the car to Target, at Target, at lunch and beyond. He was cracking me up! 

Fun with Blocks! 

Matt and I had another fun dinner with "make your own fajita" night. It was so good! 

Sweaty boy! 

Just relaxing

I hired a new lawn guy! 

He's a darn happy one, too! 

And Mason buried my flowers in a new pot for me. BOYS!!! 

Mason and I hung out outside one night while Matt mowed and Mason got the chance to jump in and help. 

We made our first trip to Pump-It-Up this past week with MOMS Club. Mason had a blast! 

Comfy afternoons trying to stay cool! 


My Mom sent Matt a Father's Day card and treat and Mason loved it, too! 

Oh my golly. I love this sweet boy and those crossed ankles?!? swoon...

Fun with pillowcases

Coffee drinking in bed with the LIFE! 

Matt took Mason to storytime one day and Mason was interested in the computers as always. He also finished his summer reading program and got a medal and a new book! (Pic is sideways...oh well! :))

Sonic had half-priced milkshakes last week and we decided to have dinner there, too. We used a gift card for dinner and with dinner and our shakes it was less than $15. We were happy kids! And we were HOT! 

Matt texted me at work one day and said Mason requested to have his shirt off for lunch. Silly kid! 

A friend was giving away some sand so we finally got Mason's box filled up! We had plans several days to go get some and it kept raining or whatever. Mason was so happy! 

After he played in his sandbox, I washed off his feet by pouring water from this cup. Shortly after, he filled up the cup, started laughing and walked right over to Matt and poured the water right on his feet!! 

And, we grew these tomatoes! Our garden looks so good! 

Mason took Matt on a dinner date for early Father's Day. They went to Monsoon Noodle House and out for ice cream. 

We also got our free Blue Apron meals. More about those later though. Our little helper was on site for opening them. 

Just chillin'. 

Since it has been so hot, I'm trying not to do a lot of cooking in the evenings so we don't heat the house more than it already is heated. We've had cereal several nights and Mason is a HUGE fan! Lucky Charms and cherries. :)

We are looking forward to the rest of June. Life is good with the Morgans!