Monday, April 29, 2019

Easter Weekend 2019: Part 2

For Easter morning, we sent up Easter baskets for the boys. I love being able to give them little treats on special days. The two buckets on the far ends had empty eggs for us to hide later. 




Everyone loved the gifts. Matt even received some Swedish Fish jelly beans from my mom which he cannot wait to eat!

My beautiful mom sent this picture to us that morning. It's hard to see but she's wearing a shirt that Mason picked out for her. ❤️

That morning, I headed to church to serve while Matt and the boys stayed home and were outside for HOURS! Matt grilled and the boys played. They hunted eggs a couple of times, too. 

That afternoon, we went to Grandmom and Granddad's house to eat with them. They provided veggies and we brought a pork loin Matt smoked as well as some strawberries. It was all delicious! 

We headed outside for the boys to hunt eggs there, too. I just recycled the same empty eggs to keep hiding. 😉

Off they go! 

My guy. ❤️

After they hunted, we hid eggs for Grandmom and Granddad to find! 

It was the BEST! and they were so sweet to indulge our boys in it all! 

Pure silliness! 

After a few more egg hunts, we headed inside to show Grandmom and Granddad our current family show, Supermarket Sweep! That was a fun way to end the night and snuggles were definitely given! 

Right before we left, Granddad showed us this flowering plant. I was in awe of how beautiful! 

It was a wonderful Easter weekend and I am so grateful that JESUS IS ALIVE! and because of that we can live an abundant life SAVED from our sins! 

Easter Weekend 2019: Part 1

After our egg hunts and egg dying last week, we were ready to celebrate more of Easter. 
Friday night, the boys got to open an easter basket from GiGi! She gave them some new monster trucks, Kinder Eggs and chocolate! They were excited. 

After that, Matt took them to the park to play in the water puddles. They were soaked and came home in the buff. 🤣

Saturday morning bright and early was t-ball and it was COLD!!! 

Maddox basically ate his food the whole time. 

and stayed bundled up! 

I didn't grab any pictures that morning of Mason because we were bundled pretty tightly and the game was only a couple of innings because the umpires called it because of the cold. 🤷‍♀️

That afternoon, I got some snuggles with this boy while Mason was at soccer. 

It was Mason's last soccer Saturday and he was so excited to get a new soccer ball! 

We headed to church Saturday evening for our Easter service. We needed pictures in our "best" of course!! 

A few sillies before church. :) 

The service was great that night and Matt stayed for the second service to serve while the boys and I came home to sleep! 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Dying Easter Eggs! {April 2019}

Last Friday we had our sweet friend with us and after a quick egg hunt around the house, we dyed Easter eggs! 


I purchased a pirate themed kit last year and it was perfect! The kids all did such a good job and there wasn't much mess. 🎉🎉🎉






All dyed and ready for decorations! 

Aren't they so cute!?! I know, it needs to be rotated and I couldn't get it to. I have issues. 😉