Tuesday, May 10, 2016

35 Weeks: MMM2 {Update}

34 Weeks

35 Weeks

We are getting closer and closer to Little Bit's arrival! Let's see what's been going on around here. :)

--I pulled a muscle in my back on May 3rd. That was literally debilitating for about a day and a half. Thankfully, some rest, a heating pad and good care from my boys made it all better. 

--We got to go to the zoo with some of our buds. That was a BLAST but I'm glad we went when we did. I'm getting more tired as time goes on. haha!

--Mason had the hiccups all of the time while in my belly but this baby just got them (that I could feel) for the first time last week and that was fun. He/she has had them a few times since then. 

--We had a check up yesterday (5/9) and all is well. Heartrate was 150 and I'm doing good. I had my strep B swab and we will get those results at the next appointment. 

--I start going weekly to the OB now until baby comes. 

--Mason had continued to get sweeter about baby. I still think it's going to be a huge transition but he's happy when we talk about baby so that's good. 

--Matt and I each go back and forth daily as to whether we think baby is a boy or a girl. With Mason, I just KNEW he was a boy at this point but I'm just not sure these days. We are happy either way, we are just ready to meet our little one. :)

--I think that's about it. All is good and now, we just count down the days and weeks.