Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late April 2016}

It is MAY!!!! That means that we are having a baby NEXT MONTH!!! 
It feels like weeks just move quicker and quicker right now. 
Let's finish out the fun that April brought us. 

We got to go to Grandmom and Granddad's for a simple dinner and Mason got some special snuggles with his Daddy. He was sure happy about it. :)

The next morning, Matt was off and he took Mason to the park and his mom and Grandmom joined them. Mason looked so big in the big swing.

That night, I gave Mason a bath and he kept asking to go to the potty. So he did. He was so proud!

The next morning, Mason decided that he needed his shades to watch his morning show. haha! He was all dressed and ready for some fun at Kindergym!

Saturday morning, I headed out to work and Matt and Mason had some giggles! Mason jumped into Matt's comfy spot on the couch!

Since we had a free bagel each day of the month, Matt and Mason shared one for breakfast. This is Mason asking for a "little" bite of Matt's banana. :)

That afternoon, my best friend sent me a sweet picture of her newest bundle of joy. I love her SO!

That evening, Matt's mom came back to our house after spending the week with her parents. We had Mexican dinner and then we headed to....

I had been hearing about this place and we couldn't wait to try it! While we waited, the guys played a bit.

I was the most excited pregnant woman that night! Strawberry cheesecake with condensed milk? Yes, please!

Mason LOVED it, too!

I love this guy so much!

Sunday morning, we got up early and headed to Atlanta. Our plan? Sublime Donuts, meet up with Matt's Dad to "return" his Mom ;) and we got some IKEA fun, too! 
As usual, Mason was a great car buddy.

Monday morning, I had my 33 weeks appointment (which went well) and our plans for the morning changed so we got to head to The H's house to visit and see the new baby chicks!!! Mason couldn't make up his mind if he liked the chicks or didn't like them...haha!

Tuesday morning, we had music group and just had a low key day. Wednesday morning, we met some friends at the park for playtime. The weather was great and we stayed for TWO hours!!!

Later on that day, I found Mason in the living room reading ALL of the books. It was so sweet!

And then? SNUGGLES!!!! I love this guy so much!

Wednesday night, Matt's church night, means date night for Mason and Mom!! Cici's was the choice for us!

Thursday, Mason and I spent the whole day at home. We colored toilet paper rolls, watched a few shows, painted, Mason had a bath, and the list goes on. It was FUN!!!

Thursday night was supposed to be a work night for me but Matt got off later than usual so I pushed it back to Friday night. After dinner and Matt getting home, we got more snowballs!! YUM!!

Friday morning, we went to Hatcher Garden and met up with some friends from MOMS club!

Later,  I was working on chores and walked into the living room to see Mason sitting like!

Friday night was actually a work night so that means snuggles between my guys!

I ended up not having to work Saturday so we had a fun day (I'll recap more of that later since it was Mason's 1/2 birthday weekend!)
We did get some beautiful flowers (from our neighbors' garden.) ;-)

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