Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Airport Tour {MOMS Club}

I know I've mentioned it before BUT our MOMS Club is just plain awesome. A potential new member asked me the other day what my favorite thing about the club was and there are honestly lots of things but my top pick for that day was this: We get to do things with MOMS Club that we wouldn't get to do otherwise. 

Case in point: An airport tour of our local downtown airport! Mason LOVES airplanes and while we get to see them fly overhead daily, we don't get to touch them, look inside of them and watch up close and personal as they taxi the runway and take-off. 

That's what we got to do last week with MOMS Club and Mason LOVED IT!!!

waiting patiently in line for his turn to look into the airplane...

the coolest EVER!

little boy...big, er, little plane. :)

the tour guide did a great job breaking things down for the varying age group.

behind those orange and white barriers was the sheriff helicopter and it was taking off. these kids were mesmerized!

there is goes!

after the tour, the guide gave the kids a little coloring booklet and some wings of their very own. it was such a neat time. we even stayed for a while after and watched a few more planes take off. and here's the best part: the airport is 1 mile from our house. I see lots more trips there this summer especially for Mason and his Daddy! 

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