Monday, May 23, 2016

May Fest 2016

Last weekend, a small town nearby had a MayFest and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! Since that was the case, we couldn't resist spending the morning at the little event.
We were ready to go. Mason said "Ma Where hat?" ;-) I guess I missed the memo.

Silly boy...

They had an area set up for people to show off their cars and Mason (and Matt) LOVED that!

A local firehouse had their trucks there and a cool bounce house showing you about fire safety. Mason enjoyed looking at the trucks but he didn't want to touch them which surprised Matt and I both. It was funny! 

There were about 5-6 rides/games set up and we got a few tickets for Mason to ride/play and he had a blast!

We enjoyed a quick yummy lunch. Mason and I shared hot dogs and some delicious fresh cut french fries....sooooo good! Matt got a BBQ sandwich and he said it was awesome, too! 

There was a little petting zoo and we got to look at and touch. Fun times!

We had planned to stay for several hours but the event was a little smaller than expected so we just did everything we wanted and then headed out. Good times!

We made a stop at CFA and got milkshakes for Mason and myself and Matt got his first frosted coffee and he said it was GOOD!!!!

Thanks MayFest! 

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  1. Okay, first of all, that just looks SO FUN, and secondly - are you saying Matt had never had any sort of frappe before or just not one from there specifically?