Friday, May 27, 2016

Maternity Pictures {Baby MMM2}

A week or so ago, we headed downtown to celebrate an early Father's Day dinner for Matt and we decided to take a few maternity pictures while we were there. I am so pleased with how they turned out. My only regret is that Matt wasn't able to get in the pictures, too. 
Growing a baby is incredible! 

baby is smooshing Mason....hahaha!



with my TWO kiddos...will it be two BOYS? or a boy and a girl??

one of my favorites...

making this face because Mason was running like a hoodlum while we took these pictures...

you guys...we could NOT. STOP. LAUGHING!!

we heart baby...

Thank you, sweet husband for these pictures. I love you always. 


  1. I love maternity pictures, and I love your joy for life. These are so beautiful! I am so eager to meet this baby through your posts!! :)

  2. Love them! Especially the one with Mason running right to the camera! You look wonderful and happy. Can't wait to meet that baby!