Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mason--2.5 Years Old {An Update}

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Mason Matthew Morgan!!!

I can hardly believe you are 2 1/2 years old! 

I wanted to write a little bit about what Mason's been up to these days so that I can look back on it. We are so proud of him and how quickly he learns. Of course, there are lots of crazy moments, too. But, hey! that's life with a 2 year old!

--Mason is still a great sleeper. He sleeps nightly from 7-7 and each day he naps from 1-3. He is still in his crib and we are happy to let him be there as long as he will stay!

--We have definitely been through some picky eating stages but right now, Mason is eating most things we offer. He will nearly always try a new food for us even if he doesn't end up eating it. His favorites are probably chicken nuggets, fruit of any kind, green beans and sweets!!

--Mason knows all of his (basic) colors when asked to identify them and he can say them as well. 

--Mason can count 1-6 and is able to identify some of the numbers when asked as well as count items in a group of  1, 2, or 3.

--We have been working on the ABCs as well. He can point to over half of them correctly when asked and when asked to name them, he can probably name about half as well. Not the same half though...haha! We have been taking our time on this because a couple of times, he got frustrated and that's not how learning is supposed to be at this age! So we just relaxing and going slowly.

--Mason can identify all basic shapes as well and can name 2-3 of them.

--Speaking of his speech, he has a TON of words. Unfortunately, right now, I'm the main one who can understand him and Matt can get about 50%-75% of what he says. For unfamiliar listeners, it's a little more difficult. He's definitely made some progress and I'm not deeply concerned at this point. I'm just addressing it at home as much as possible and when the time comes, if we need to address through outside therapy, we will.

--Mason is excited about baby coming. He points to the crib often, asks where baby is and gives the occasional kiss to the belly. I know it's going to be a HUGE transition for him but I'm hopeful that he will do great.

--We have definitely entered into the stage where much discipline is taking place. He's learning how to push boundaries, trying to establish what he can and can't do and all of that fun stuff. It's all part of it but man, some days it is definitely tiring!

--Mason LOVES back and belly rubs right now.

--This kiddo is definitely a big fan of his Daddy! When Matt gets home, I could go anywhere and he wouldn't notice a thing!

--Mason enjoys going to Kindergym at the local YMCA when we get the chance. I definitely look forward to getting him involved in a sport of some sort when he's a little older!

--Our sweet boy enjoys books and would like us to read about 25 a day. :)

--When Mason gets to watch a show, he usually picks Curious George and now he has added in Chuggington or Chuck & Friends. 

We love you, Mason!

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