Friday, May 13, 2016

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg {A Book Review}

You guys, Christian fiction novels reel me in like no other. For real, if it is a GOOD one, I'm hooked and I'll hardly stop reading until I finish. 

Before I provide my review of Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg, let me say that now that I've read this book and learned that there is a prequel as well as another book in the series that comes before this one, I would recommend that you read those first before reading Like Never Before. I don't think it hindered my understanding of this book in a big way but I do think I may have enjoyed it even more had I known more. 

That being said, here's what I loved about the book: it focuses extensively on Amelia who moved to small town, Maple Valley, several years ago seeking refuge after walking a hard road in life. This story picks up years into her stay as she is fighting for something she deeply loves and cares for. 

I LOVED the family aspect of this book. Amelia meets Logan Walker and Logan comes from a big family who are native to Maple Valley and the intertwining of their worlds is pretty cool. I thought the family dynamic reminded me somewhat of The Baxter Family in Karen Kingsbury's books. 

I also enjoyed that this book wasn't just your typical love story. They didn't just meet, fall in love, the end. There was some twists and turns and their story was a bit awkward at times and that was pretty special. 

Since finishing this book, I've gone back and am reading most of Melissa's other books. Well done, Melissa!

**Thank you to the publisher for sending this book to me to review.**

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