Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mason Says....{3}

 Goodness, the things our little guy says/does are getting more and more enjoyable! 

One day last week I asked Mason to put his chair in his room. When he picked it up and began walking to his room, he said "Cuse me Fan. Cuse me wall. Cuse me door." It was the cutest thing ever! And also pretty amazing that he now understands the whole point of "excuse me"

When we had A over to play one day, she had to go to time out for something. My little one decided to do the same thing that she had just done which also happens to be something we don't allow at our house. I said "Mason, do you want to go to timeout for that?" and he said "Uh huh!" He intentionally did it so that he could go to time out with his friend!!!! I had to apologize for ruining the time out moment for A because I could not stop laughing! 

We had a fresh pineapple for breakfast last week and we were almost done with it. I said "There's going to be a happy Morgan boy later on when he gets to drink this pineapple juice!"Mason paused and looked at Matt and I both and then put his hand on his chest and said "ME?!?!?" Matt and I couldn't stop laughing!

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  1. That little boy is as darling as he can be!!! Love it!!